Una semana en la presidencia de Trump pone de manifiesto dos escalofriantes conclusiones. “Primero, el poder real del gobierno de Trump recae en los funcionarios que mantienen extremas visiones nativistas del mundo y tienen vínculos con los movimientos antiinmigrante y nacionalista blanco”, dijo Lynn Tramonte, subdirectora de America’s Voice Education... Continuar »
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and leading Congressional Democrats held a press conference last night on the steps of the US Supreme Court to speak in opposition to Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting immigrants, Muslims, and refugees. The Congressional Democrats were joined by two refugees affected by... Continuar »
One week into the Trump presidency makes clear two chilling takeaways. “First, the real power in the Trump administration lies with officials bearing extreme nativist world views and ties to the anti-immigrant and white nationalist movements,” said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund.   “And second, Trump and... Continuar »
Donald Trump branded himself as the “law and order” candidate during the election, but his Presidency has so far been anything but. Just 12 days into his term, chaos reigns supreme in the Trump administration, following public outcry and legal challenges to his unconstitutional immigration orders, the firing of acting... Continuar »
Civil rights leaders and activists continued ongoing protests against Jeff Sessions into this morning, as the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on advancing his nomination to the full Senate. The hearing comes just hours after a chaotic evening for the White House, after Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally... Continuar »
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English (en español al final de la página): New York Times: If Trump Goes After ‘Dreamers,’ Republican Loyalty May Be Tested By Carl Hulse Bloomberg: Immigrants Mobilize for War With Trump By Francis Wilkinson Arizona Republic: How ‘dreamers’ are preparing in case Trump ends Obama immigration actions By Daniel... Continuar »
Despite the fact that Congress is Republican controlled, most members of Congress are more concerned with getting reelected than standing with Trump. So if they start to feel that Trump’s racism is a political liability, they will turn against him. And if your members of Congress are Democrats, tell... Continuar »
Republican leaders in Washington, DC need to understand the pain and anger Donald Trump is creating across the country. Please call Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell right now and tell them that members of Congress MUST stand up against Trump’s deportation force and wall of hate. Continuar »
Over the past weekend, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered at airports and state capitals across the nation to decry Donald Trump’s Deportation Force and unconstitutional executive actions targeting Muslims and refugees. The demonstrations, which have been ongoing since last Friday, have been unfolding like wildfire in blue and red... Continuar »
Nuestro presidente nos debería dar confianza, no crear caos El alcance de las radicales órdenes ejecutivas del presidente Trump dadas a conocer la semana pasada es asombroso. Una semana en su presidencia, y Trump ya ha creado una Fuerza de Deportación y un plan de acción para la deportación masiva, además... Continuar »