Some two months before the general election, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is making robocalls in support of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President. “Hi, this is David Duke,” begins the call. “I’m sorry I missed you. I’m running for U.S. Senate. I’ll tell... Continue »
His name may not be on the ballots in Florida and Arizona today, but Donald Trump’s shadow still looms over two Republican Senators facing primary challenges. Both Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio have said they will vote for Trump for President, despite criticizing some of his past comments.... Continue »
Cross-posted from Medium. Since the launching of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” during the 1972 election, the Republican establishment has used white supremacists to fuel their Wall Street agenda. In a 1970 interview with the New York Times, Kevin Phillips, political strategist to Richard Nixon, laid out the strategy: The more... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
English (en español al final de la página): Washington Post: Pro-Clinton super PAC to invest in ground operations to mobilize voters of color By Vanessa Williams Washington Post: Hillary Clinton dominates among Hispanics — unless they’re English-speaking or American-born By Aaron Blake RealClearPolitics: Trump, Clinton Ads AWOL on Spanish-Language... Continue »
In a new Medium post, Matt Hildreth, Political Director of America’s Voice, highlights the internal conflict between the establishment and Alt-Right Republicans and demonstrates how the Alt-Right’s focus on white voters will keep Republicans out of the White House for a generation. Hildreth explains that, “It’s no surprise that Donald Trump... Continue »
Con toda seguridad no fue la mejor de sus composiciones, a juzgar por las pocas menciones al respecto en torno a su amplio repertorio de 1,800 canciones de su autoría. En eso, los especialistas sabrán juzgar mejor. Pero la “Canción 187” de Juan Gabriel coloca al cantante mexicano, fallecido... Continue »
One year ago this month we saw the height of Donald Trump’s contempt for Latinos when he deported Jorge Ramos from a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa. His offense? Trying to ask Trump a question about immigration. “Sit down!” Trump boomed while ignoring Ramos’s query about how he would deport... Continue »
Donald Trump recently complained that “all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million…” Sorry, Donald. You may want the discussion to focus on the relevance of a 14th century wall to a 21st century challenge; or on your repeated, if vague, use of the word “strong;” or even... Continue »
Me van a disculpar porque esta vez no escribiré ni de Trump ni de Clinton. Falleció el Divo de Juárez, Juan Gabriel, y me conmovió mucho la noticia. Verán, comenzó a gustarme Juan Gabriel porque era de los favoritos de mi madre. Poco a poco nos convirtió a mi... Continue »
Maine Governor Paul LePage made it pretty clear why he’s on Team Trump during a racist, fact-free rant last Friday. From the Huffington Post: Earlier this week, he said he keeps a binder with mugshots of all the drug dealers arrested in Maine, and he claimed that 90 percent... Continue »