In reality, it’s no surprise that the National Border Patrol Council threw its support behind the campaign of Donald Trump.  His candidacy has been filled with racist and xenophobic epithets from the beginning, and this is a group frequently connected to extreme-right organizations with a decidedly anti-immigrant animus. It’s also unsurprising that indviduals charged with… Continue »

New polling from the Pew Research Center underscores that the American public is strongly in favor of welcoming and practical immigration policies, in sharp contrast to the tone and tenor of the Republican presidential campaign. Among the key immigration-related findings in the Pew Research polling: Three-of-four Americans, including a majority of Republicans, back legal status for undocumented… Continue »

Nationally, more than half of the nation’s 2.5 million seasonal farmworkers are undocumented. The simple fact is, without the back-breaking work of immigrants — undocumented and otherwise — there would not be food on our tables. It’s a fact lost among the toxic rhetoric of Republican candidates this election season. Farmworkers play a vital role… Continue »

New America’s Voice Analysis Explores the Nativist Origins of the DAPA/DACA Lawsuit In a new blog post published today, America’s Voice explores the nativist origins of the DAPA/DACA lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court. The piece focuses specifically on U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen and the politics that have characterized the case since its inception.… Continue »

En realidad no ha sido una gran sorpresa el respaldo que dio el National Border Patrol Council a la candidatura de Donald Trump, tan llena de epítetos racistas y xenófobos desde el principio de su campaña, pues a este grupo se le ha vinculado con bastante frecuencia con organizaciones de extrema derecha y decididamente antiinmigrantes. … Continue »

El próximo 18 de abril la Corte Suprema de la nación escuchará los argumentos a favor y en contra de la implementación de las acciones ejecutivas migratorias que ampararían temporalmente de la deportación a unos 5 millones de indocumentados mediante la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA ampliado) y la Acción Diferida… Continue »

Only Surprising Aspect of News that NBPC Endorsed Trump is that it Took Them This Long to Endorse The news that the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) has endorsed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump generated a flurry of attention yesterday. Yet the only surprising thing about yesterday’s announcement is that it took the National Border Patrol Council this… Continue »

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English (en español al final de la página): The Washington Post: Border Patrol agents union endorses Trump By Joe Davidson NPR: Border Patrol union endorses Donald Trump By Brian Naylor CNN: Border Patrol union endorses Donald Trump By Eric Bradner The Atlantic: Why the Border Patrol’s union is backing Trump By Priscilla Alvarez The Hill:… Continue »

Esta mañana compartimos la columna del periodista de Univision, Jorge Ramos, sobre Sophie Cruz, la pequeña que nos robó el corazón durante la visita del Papa Francisco a finales del año pasado.  Siempre supimos que la visita del Papa a Estados Unidos abordaría el tema migratorio, pero las heroicas acciones de Sophie ese día nos… Continue »

Earlier today we shared Univision journalist Jorge Ramos’s must-read column about Sophie Cruz, the young girl who captured our hearts during Pope Francis’s US tour late last year. We always knew that the Pope’s visit to the United States would touch on immigration, but Sophie’s heroic actions that day showed us all how much is… Continue »