Washington, DC—On Christmas Eve, we learned of an extremely disturbing development – an appalling plan from the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security that would deport whole Central American families—including young mothers and their children—to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, places where rape, sexual abuse and murder are commonplace. Most disturbingly, the... Continue »
This is an extremely disturbing development – a plan that would deport young mothers and their children to places where rape, sexual abuse and murder are commonplace: The Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked... Continue »
Note: This will be the last Immigration News/ Qué Pasa until January 4, 2016. We will be posting breaking news over the holidays.  English (en español al final de la página): Politico: Trump dominates in final CNN poll of 2015 By Nick Gass Washington Post: Supporters trust Ted Cruz, even... Continue »
Once again, this year, anti-immigrant forces threw everything they could at us – in Congress, in states, on the campaign trail – and once again, we showed that our movement never backs down and continues to grow stronger. As we close 2015, we look back a slew of anti-immigrant... Continue »
Ahead of SCOTUS Conference, Law Professors Lift Up the Ramifications of the Anti-DAPA/DACA+ Lawsuit and Call on Court to Step In Washington, DC— Following a deliberate slow-walking by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year, all eyes are now focused in on the U.S. Supreme Court and... Continue »
English (en español al final de la página): Washington Post: How America’s dying white supremacist movement is seizing on Donald Trump’s appeal By Peter Holley and Sarah Latimer December 21, 2015  Reuters: Trump Becomes Poster Boy for Efforts to Mobilize 2016 Latino Voters December 22, 2015 Buzzfeed News: Trump... Continue »
Donald Trump has been spewing racism and xenophobia since the day he announced his campaign for President back in June. He started with attacks on Mexicans and has been expanding his attacks to include immigrants and Muslims, among others. Trump’s messages aren’t lost on racists and white supremacists who... Continue »
English (en español al final de la página): Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Latino vote needs an investment By Esther Cepeda December 19, 2015 New York Times: Ted Cruz Hits Marco Rubio on Immigration in New Ad By Nick Corasaniti December 18, 2015 Washington Post: Ted Cruz immigration ad earns Four... Continue »
Immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona have reason to celebrate the holidays early. Last Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council voted 5-4 in order to advance a proposal that seeks more information on the creation of municipal ID cards for undocumented residents. Specifically, the measure invites the private sector to propose ideas... Continue »
It seems violence and hateful rhetoric follows leading Republican candidate Donald Trump wherever he travels, and his recent appearance with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Mesa, Arizona was no exception. A new WaPo piece, “Cheers, a punch, a slur. What it’s like in the crowd at a Donald... Continue »