America’s Voice Will Be Covering the Pope’s Visit to the United States in Both English and Spanish Follow Along @AmericasVoice, @TUSK81 and @MaribelHastings America’s Voice will be covering the papal visit to the United States this week in both English and Spanish (see here for a full twitter list of key handles to follow).  Ahead of… Continue »

English (en español al final de la página): Politico: Kasich clarifies his comment about Latinos By Ben Schreckinger September 20, 2015 Latin Times:  John Kasich, Ohio Governor, Thinks GOP Should Attract Latino Voters By ‘Tipping’ Them By Cedar Atttanasio September 18, 2015 Politico: Clinton slams Kasich’s comment about Hispanic community By Eliza Collins and Nick… Continue »

Este ha sido descrito como el viaje más político del Papa Francisco y con justa razón. En su primera escala, en la isla hermana de Cuba, miles esperan que la visita del Papa permita que los cambios que han dado paso al proceso de retomar las relaciones diplomáticas y hasta cierto punto económicas entre Estados… Continue »

It was a single photograph that finally convinced me there was something very different about Pope Francis. Thinking about it, I could claim his openness to the LGBT community is what maybe won me over. “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” he said… Continue »

Needless to say Hispanic Heritage Month has not been going as planned for the GOP. In an attempt to join this month’s Hispanic Heritage Month festivities, the Republican National Committee has pledged to put on 25 events across 8 states in order to try and “build on the successes [they]’ve had before.” Hopefully, “those successes”… Continue »

Following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice. When I first read that Governor John Kasich responded to a question about Latino voter outreach with a comment about tipping hotel workers, I thought this should be an article in The Onion, not a statement from a man who wants to be president of the United… Continue »

What impact does your birth certificate have on your daily life? For undocumented immigrants in Texas, birth certificates are becoming a nightmare – as they struggle to secure a document that would allow their newborns to take advantage of vital services. The issue is not a new one, but as The New York Times reports,… Continue »

Herramienta en línea de America’s Voice subraya las nefastas consecuencias del #EfectoTrump Tal como lo hemos hecho notar, la retórica antiinmigrante del Partido Republicano —con Donald Trump a la cabeza— se está diseminando hacia la sociedad civil con un peligroso efecto. Al realizar declaraciones de odio y promover políticas radicales, Trump ha animado a otros… Continue »

As nationwide efforts marking Citizenship Day kicked off yesterday — including a new White House initiative to reach out to the nearly nine million permanent US residents who are eligible for citizenship — LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new campaign could help hundreds of thousands of LA immigrants become citizens. As part of the “Step Forward”… Continue »

Online Tool from America’s Voice Highlights the Ugly Consequences of the #TrumpEffect As we’ve noted previously, the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric—with Donald Trump at the helm—is bleeding into civil society to a dangerous effect.  By making hateful statements and promoting radical policies, Trump has encouraged others to speak – and act – accordingly. A new map from… Continue »