He’s back. Congressional lawmakers have returned from their summer recess, and immigration champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez wasted no time speaking out “about the number one topic in Latino neighborhoods in America: Donald Trump.” Stationed in between two large photos of leading Republican candidate Donald Trump and Pope Francis, Rep. Gutierrez declared the Pontiff’s upcoming visit to the United… Continue »

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, a host of anti-Muslim activists are slated to join Republican Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at a rally protesting President Obama’s Iran deal in Washington, D.C. today. It’s a change of scenery for Trump, who has up until now preferred to keep… Continue »

Republican Party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric—with Donald Trump at the helm—is bleeding into civil society to dangerous effect. As Frank Sharry noted earlier this month, the emergence of white nationalist and neo-Nazi support for Trump shows “he is fostering a climate that demonizes and dehumanizes 55 million Latinos because of the way they look or speak, even if their… Continue »

English (en español al final de la página): Reuters: Republican Cruz to Bask in Trump’s Limelight Politico: Trump calls for taking in Syrian refugees By Nick Gass Fox News Latino: Esai Morales on being an ‘actorvist,’ Donald Trump and Latinos’ sense of respect By Mar Yvette CNN: Harry Reid: GOP ‘scared’ to confront Donald Trump… Continue »

Pope Francis will personally bless a group of undocumented immigrants and refugees when he visits the United States later this month, reports ABC News: The Sept. 25 encounter with about 150 mostly Spanish-speaking New Yorkers “is about the values and the message that he has articulated as pope,” the head of New York’s Catholic Charities,… Continue »

Julie Bosman of the New York Times Captures Growing Disconnect Between Average American Voter and the GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Positions As the 2016 Republican field continues to follow Donald Trump on his increasingly rapid lurch to the right on immigration, Julie Bosman notes in her recent piece in the New York Times—Iowan’s aren’t buying it. Bosman’s must read… Continue »

Marisol Soto wants you to quite literally see how immigrants are pumping billions of dollars into our nation’s economy every year. The undocumented nursing student was already incensed after Donald Trump’s racist claims about Mexicans during this Presidential campaign launch in June. But the final straw came from she read about a teacher making “a… Continue »

GOP Worries About Trump’s Racial Appeals Backfiring in 2016  An article from Jonathan Martin in the New York Times, entitled “Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race,” highlights Republicans’ increased worries that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and radical proposals will hurt the GOP’s electoral prospects in a changing America.  This alarm is growing more… Continue »

English (en español al final de la página): Arizona Republic (Opinion-Arizona): What if the U.S. ended birthright citizenship? By Daniel Gonzalez and Dan Nowicki Bulletin Leader: Scott Walker says building a wall along Canadian border is worth considering By Andres Presus New York Times: Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race By… Continue »

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus trekked to Trump Tower yesterday to secure a “loyalty pledge” from the current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump. Priebus got what he wanted. Trump promised he won’t run as a third-party candidate if he loses and that he’ll support whoever ends up winning the Republican Presidential nomination. All other GOP candidates have… Continue »