Viviana Hervis, U.S citizen, mother of three U.S. citizen children, and wife to Christian Hervis, shared her story with Univision as she continues to fight to keep her family together. Earlier this week, we introduced you to Christian Hervis, who is in detention and set to be deported any day now. Despite Christian’s I-130 approval… Continue »

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If Republicans are faced with yet another “autopsy report” after next year’s Presidential election, today will be one of the days they point back to in regret. From Mediaite: Donald Trump’s press conference in Dubuque, Iowa went off the rails fast on Tuesday night when Univision anchor Jorge Ramos started questioning the candidate even though he had not been… Continue »

In March 2013, a defeated RNC — still licking it’s wounds fresh from Mitt Romney’s November 2012 loss — released a 97-page report of what exactly went horribly wrong. Throughout the autopsy report, the six authors — led by the party’s chair, Reince Priebus — called out specific group of voters the GOP had to… Continue »

Last week we introduced you to Ricardo Aca, the young DREAMer and DACA beneficiary who works at a restaurant in one of Donald Trump’s hotels in New York City. As Republicans continue to discuss their extreme stances on immigration and what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country, Ricardo’s story serves… Continue »

New Yorker Article Captures Trump’s Popularity with White Nationalists; GOP Brand Image Tarnished to Latino and Other General Election Voters  Donald Trump has long-since moved from a sideshow that shouldn’t be taken seriously into something much more ugly and corrosive to the country, our politics, and the Republican Party’s future. In a deeply reported piece in… Continue »

Donald Trump: “The Hispanics love me!” “The Hispanics”: Not really. The leading Republican candidate for President frequently likes to boast about his relationship with the Latino electorate, but new polling from Gallup shows that this supposed love affair is about as real as his hairline: Gallup began tracking the images of all the major announced… Continue »

When you’re gauging the mood of Latinos in the United States, you start with Jorge Ramos. The long-time Univision anchor has been called the “Latino Walter Cronkite,” and has called both Republicans and Democrats to task for failing to pass a solution to our nation’s broken immigration system at the federal level. As a former… Continue »

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Meet Christian Hervis-Vazquez, a caring father, loving husband, and active member within his community in Las Vegas, Nevada. Back in 2010, Christian was charged with a DUI – a charge that would have an immeasurable impact on his his life, and consequently, that of his family. Fortunately, the incident that took place back in 2010… Continue »