Cualquiera sea su punto de vista sobre el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, un derecho finalmente avalado por el máximo tribunal del país el pasado viernes, el fallo evidenció la incomodidad de un Partido Republicano que no ha evolucionado a la par de los cambios sociales y demográficos que se han estado suscitando en… Continue »

The fallout continues for Donald Trump. Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in the U.S., has announced it is cutting ties with the Republican Presidential candidate following his vile accusation that immigrants from Mexico are “rapists.” Leading Latino groups are calling for NBC to cut ties with Trump as well. The anger and outrage from the… Continue »

English (en español al final de la página): Latin Post: Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich Confronted by Latino Child on DACA and DAPA By Rodrigo Ugarte Washington Post: Ohio Gov. Kasich to launch presidential bid on July 21 By Philip Rucker National Journal: Hillary Clinton, Praising the Court’s Marriage Decision, Pits Herself Against ‘the Party… Continue »

Delaware might become the next state to provide undocumented immigrants with driver’s licenses. Earlier this week, the State Senate passed SB59, a bill that would provide undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements with a valid driver’s license. After receiving an overwhelming majority in the Senate, the measure passed with just one dissenting vote, the bill… Continue »

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Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in the United States, has announced it is severing all business ties with Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. “At Univision we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the… Continue »

Group Calls on Governor to Make Good on Meeting Commitment, Articulate Clear Policy As we reported yesterday, after traveling all the way from Ohio to Iowa to talk to their own Governor, John Kasich, about the President’s immigration executive action programs, 11 year-old U.S. citizen Andrew and his DAPA-eligible mother, Maria, got an encouraging, but… Continue »

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In a press conference earlier today, a group of House Democrats welcomed news that DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson will make changes, including limiting detention times and lowering bond rates, to the family detention system. But after visiting two facilities in Texas earlier this week, including one where a detained mother recently attempted suicide, Democrats say the Secretary’s… Continue »

In the aftermath of last week’s massacre in South Carolina, the nation is having an important conversation about the roots, assumptions, and effects of white supremacy. A key aspect of this discussion is the role that incendiary rhetoric, racist stereotypes and efforts to mainstream that which is or borders on hate speech has in demonizing… Continue »