Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who lost her Senate challenge to Barbara Boxer in 2010, looks like she’s running for president.  In a field that is sure to become crowded with GOP senatorial and gubernatorial heavyweights, some are already writing her off as an underdog.  Our interest in Fiorina stems from the fact… Continue »

Much has happened in immigration this year — which means much has happened with the anti-immigrant extremists opposing it.  Nativists this year have railed at length about immigration in relation to scabies, ebola, terrorists, ISIS, ethnic cleansing, and so much more.  Rounding it up for us is the Anti-Defamation League — please view their post here… Continue »

In contrast to some who claim that executive action is actually hurting Obama and the Democrats among Latinos, this week’s WSJ/NBC/Telemundo poll reflects others in finding the opposite.  Latino support for Obama has spiked since executive action, which is going to mean trouble for Latinos in 2016 and beyond. Here are the poll numbers: 57% of Hispanics approve… Continue »

2014 was a transformative year for the politics and policy of immigration, and moreover, for the history of this county. Thanks to an ever-growing pro-reform movement, President Obama finally made good on his promise to take action on immigration in the face of Congressional inaction, and very soon, five million immigrant families will be able… Continue »

The Hill: Immigration Advocates Shift to Defense Politico: Poll: Hispanic approval of Obama on the rise Washington Post (The Fix): No group was happier with President Obama in 2014 than Latinos The Hill: Immigration move boosts Obama among Latinos Wall Street Journal: Poll: Obama’s Standing Rebounds With Hispanics Politico: The first Latino president? AP: New… Continue »

At National Journal today is an interview with Russell Pearce, the former Arizona state senate president who was responsible for passing SB 1070 into law.  The entire interview is worth reading.  Years after he was recalled for his role in passing SB 1070, then outvoted when he tried to return to the state senate, Pearce is unapologetic, still… Continue »

This week, a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that executive action is unconstitutional.  As legal experts and opinion makers have already pointed out, there are quite a number of things wrong with this decision: there was absolutely no reason to use this case to hand down such a ruling, the judge cited arguments that were… Continue »

Bloomberg: Arizona Rejected by Top Court on Immigrant Driver’s Licenses New York Times: Justices Let Stand a Ruling on Driver’s Licenses for Young Arizona Immigrants Huffington Post: Supreme Court: Arizona Can’t Block IDs for Dreamers For Now Reuters: U.S. top court blocks Arizona from denying driver’s licenses to immigrants AP: Lawsuit Over Immigrant License Data… Continue »

We know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is capable of being motivated by spite.  In 2009, Arpaio gloated that “after they went after me, we arrested 500 more [people] just for spite.”  When he was asked about it in 2012, Arpaio only doubled down: “It was wrong,” he said.  “It wasn’t 500.  It was thousands.” Arpaio is currently suing President… Continue »

It took a decision from the Supreme Court, but Jan Brewer’s executive order denying Arizona DREAMers driver’s licenses is finally out of legal options, paving the way for immigrant youth in the state to begin applying as soon as this week. It’s a case that stretches back to 2012 and the very first day of DACA implementation,… Continue »