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Currently, Republicans are all over the place in how they want to respond to President Obama’s recent executive action: some are calling for a government shutdown, while others want to wait until next year to take up the issue.  Some want to disinvite Obama from giving his annual State of the Union address, while others… Continue »

h/t Center for New Community Today, the House Judiciary Committee is beginning its assault on President Obama’s new executive order for immigrants, with a hearing entitled “President Obama’s Executive Overreach on Immigration.”  The Republican majority gets three witnesses, one of which is a Mr. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.… Continue »

With Congress back in session this week, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is teeing up attacks on President Obama’s lawful use of executive action on immigration, with the House kicking things off with two hearings scheduled for Tuesday. If Republicans are actually serious about dealing with immigration and preempting President Obama’s executive action, they have… Continue »

Con DACA había abogados cobrando $1,500 dólares, según Foss. “Sin embargo en Chirla cobraban $100; en Carecen y Public Counsel, $200; nosotros cobramos 2$00 primero y luego dimos descuentos”.

Que el ser agradecido no impida recordar que todavía hay millones de personas que siguen con la amenaza de la deportación, por el solo hecho de no tener hijos ciudadanos y residentes legales.

Con el nuevo grupo de beneficiarios de esta nueva acción ejecutiva, por ejemplo, ya el Departamento de salud de California está decidiendo cómo proceder. Y en Nevada, ya legisladores están redactando propuestas de ley que no les permitirían aspirar a ser maestros en las escuelas de este estado.

Con más vidas que un gato, el tema migratorio vuelve a ser centro de atención en un Congreso próximo a concluir y en el cual los republicanos estarán enfrascados en una lucha contra la administración de Barack Obama, con el fin de evitar la implementación de la acción ejecutiva migratoria que daría a millones una… Continue »

Before there was the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, there was the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) — and today, four former General Counsels of that body have released a letter agreeing “wholeheartedly” with the validity of President Obama’s recent executive action. As they wrote: We take no positions on the policy judgments that those actions reflect, but we… Continue »

President Obama’s approval ratings among Latinos have surged since his recent executive order for immigrants.  From the Washington Post today: His approval among Hispanics has shot up by 14 points over the past two weeks. It’s now at 68 percent — the highest it has been this year, and at a level last seen in early… Continue »