This morning,, NALACC, Mi Familia Vota, and Latino Decisions released a new poll of Latino voters on President Obama’s new executive action for immigrants — and the findings should scare the heck out of Republicans.  While both Republican members of Congress and the right-wing base are losing it over Obama’s announcement, fully 89% of Latino voters support the executive… Continue »

Speaker John Boehner posted some Republican talking points on his Facebook page re: President Obama’s executive action for immigrants, but the response is probably not what he hoped for.  Here’s what he posted: The president has said before that he’s not king and he’s not an emperor, but he’s sure acting like one.  Watch my video message… Continue »

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes made a valiant effort to get a straight answer out of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) this weekend, when Hayes asked Brooks what his exact position on immigration reform is and whether he supports the mass deportation of the 11 million immigrants already here. The result, captured by Crooks and Liars, is must-watch.  Brooks… Continue »

AP: Playbook For GOP To Defuse Immigration Issue Found In Colorado Washington Post :The next battle in the war over deportations Bloomberg: Is Immigration Obama’s Last Big Thing? CBS News: Obama announces immigration action to allow millions to stay in US (VIDEO) Washington Times: Lindsey Graham slams own GOP on immigration: ‘Shame on us’ Huffington… Continue »

WASHINGTON, DC –  Al anunciar la acción ejecutiva migratoria, el presidente Barack Obama abre la puerta a varios desarrollos. Primero, comienza a labrar su complicado legado en el frente migratorio balanceando su récord de más de dos millones de remociones con los 5 millones que podría amparar de la deportación de manera temporal. Obama parece… Continue »

Last night, President Obama announced historic first steps to begin fixing our broken immigration system, and today he again reiterated his commitment to keep our families together in front of a rally in Las Vegas, NV. With Congressional Republicans refusing to budge on allowing a vote on the Senate’s bipartisan immigration bill for almost a… Continue »

It’s been an amazing and exhausting week. The President’s action to recognize the humanity of millions of hardworking men and women is the most powerful affirmation of the American Dream in a generation. Over the last two days we’ve seen a number of amazing and inspirational images on Twitter of reactions to President Barack Obama’s… Continue »

The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to President Obama’s speech today in Las Vegas: The President’s action to recognize the humanity of millions of hardworking men and women is the most powerful affirmation of the American Dream in a generation.  It is not an unprecedented action,… Continue »

President Obama followed up last night’s speech on executive action with one in Las Vegas today, at Del Sol High School, where he kicked off a push for legislative immigration reform almost two years ago.  We the People Rising, the extremist anti-immigrant group that was responsible for the ugly Murrieta, CA protests earlier this year,… Continue »

Opponents of immigration reform like to treat Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio as some kind of tough-guy hero — Fox News today cut coverage of President Obama’s Nevada speech to switch to an interview with Arpaio.  And today, Arpaio became one of the first to announce that he will be filing a lawsuit against Obama over the… Continue »