Inmigrantes de lugares como Honduras, Guatemala, Perú o Colombia clamaron el lema “sí, se puede”, con el que Obama llegó a la Casa Blanca en 2008, pero ahora referido a la reforma migratoria.

WASHINGTON, DC – Lo único que queda claro desde que los republicanos barrieron en las elecciones intermedias del pasado martes es que la inmigración vuelve a ocupar el dudosamente célebre título de balón político preferido, esta vez de cara a las elecciones presidenciales de 2016; y que los republicanos ganaron, pero libran una guerra civil… Continue »

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The Los Angeles Times today has a profile on Maria Elena Durazo and her late husband, Miguel Contreras, an L.A. power couple that used their skills in politics and organizing to give voice to the city’s Latinos and immigrants.  As the article mentions, the couple came from humble roots to lead a movement that transformed politics in Los… Continue »

There’s No More Time to Waste; 11 Million Lives Hang in the Balance With Tuesday’s midterm elections now over, the President must turn back to making progress on policy issues like immigration.  Here’s a quick Friday recap of why he must use his existing legal authority to act immediately on broad immigration reforms: The Expectations… Continue »

As we’ve written about before, exit polls dramatically misrepresent the Latino vote. We first covered this issue all the way back in 2010, but it was the 2012 cycle where we saw some of the craziest  exit poll results we’d ever seen. Here’s what we said about those results back in 2012. Did you know that, despite running exceedingly racialized… Continue »

As the New York Times Editorial Board wrote yesterday, “Now the election is over, and the only thing to say to the president is: Do it. Take executive action. Make it big.” And major progressive and immigrant rights groups aren’t wasting any time demanding action either.  Today, CREDO Action, which engages over 3 million members in… Continue »

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A new Washington Post editorial counsels President Obama to wait on executive action on immigration. According to the editorial board, while the President is “certainly right on the policy,” and “might be fed up” with waiting on Republicans to act, he should nonetheless “seize the moral high ground and test GOP leaders’ seriousness about cooperating by offering them time to show… Continue »

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