Last night’s Univision debate between Andrew Romanoff and Rep. Mike Coffman was groundbreaking and surreal. Only a few years ago, this congressional district was represented by Tom Tancredo. It is a stunning example of what Gary Segura of Latino Decisions likes to say… “demography is relentless.” In addition to... Continue »
With Republicans Blocking Reform Legislation, President Gears up for Executive Action While State and Local Governments Enact Pro-Immigrant Policies While we await the results of the 2014 elections, the implications for the future of immigration reform are already clear.  As long as Republicans control one or both chambers of... Continue »
This morning on Jose Diaz-Balart, Rachel Maddow discussed United We Dream‘s latest confrontation of Hillary Clinton calling the tactic politically smart. I think it probably is smart politics. I think in politics, it’s probably better to be feared than loved and when you take direct action like that, it does... Continue »
Excellent post from dreaminonempty at DailyKos about Latino voters titled: Most of the data on Latino voters is bogus. Here are the real poll numbers. And, as you’ll see, the post does a deep dive into poll numbers in key states, using data collected by Latino Decisions: Recently, there was... Continue »
The Atlantic: Not That Kind of Republican By Molly Ball October 31, 2014 Fiscal Times: A GOP Congress Will Face 12 Million Pleas for Immigration Reform By Rob Garver October 31, 2014 National Journal: Forecast: Right Turn Ahead By Ronald Brownstein October 30, 2014 NBC News: Latino Political Advertisers... Continue »
Los demócratas siempre han dado por sentado el respaldo de los latinos pero una nueva encuesta divulgada este miércoles los pone sobre aviso: ese apoyo no es incondicional ni permanente. Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC – Las elecciones intermedias son el próximo martes 4 de noviembre, pero la general de 2016 pulula acrecentando los rumores sobre los posibles aspirantes a las nominaciones presidenciales de ambos partidos, y las dinastías Clinton y Bush están en primera fila. Hillary Clinton ya actúa como la... Continue »
This year, if there’s one thing Democrats need from their base, it’s enthusiasm. With elections just five days away, there’s a lot of speculation and analysis about how President Obama’s record-breaking deportations and failure to take executive action will affect voter enthusiasm. Gary Sergura, one of the principals of... Continue »
As the Monkey Cage blog wrote yesterday, “When one thinks of states with growing Latino populations rarely do Georgia or Kansas come to mind.” But that’s no longer the case. At the beginning of this election cycle, both Georgia and Kansas were expected to be easy Republican wins, but... Continue »
Reuters: Advocates Worry Obama May Scale Back or Delay Immigration Action October 30, 2014 La Voz Colorado: Election 2014 Countdown By Ernest Gurulé October 29, 2014 The Hill (Ballot-Box): As Democrats lose Latinos, Senate could follow By Alexandra Jaffe October 30, 2014 New York Times: Latino Support for Democrats... Continue »