We have long warned Republicans that their opposition to immigration reform will cost them dearly in the long run.  But some advocates are also looking to make the topic an issue in the short run — for example, Raul Garcia, a farmworker in central California who has emerged as the... Continue »
Today, more than a thousand advocates gathered in front of the White House to call on President Obama to use his executive authority on immigration and deportations.  More than 100 people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience when they refused to move from the White House fence.... Continue »
This is the summer of the DREAMers — as countless Republicans from Steve King to Rand Paul to Marco Rubio and Mike Coffman have found out.  Yesterday, Greisa Martinez, a United We Dream National Organizer from Texas who lost her father to deportation six years ago, confronted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)... Continue »
From voting or voicing support for ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to signaling willingness to trigger a government shutdown and even impeachment proceedings over potential executive action on immigration, national Republicans continue to lurch hard right on immigration—staking out policy positions more extreme even than... Continue »
The Center for Community Change has a great blog post today at Buzzfeed: Far right-wing anti-immigrant extremists have come out this summer to capitalize on the child refugee crisis happening at the border. As young children flee for their lives, anti-immigrant protesters have attempted to use this moment as... Continue »
With observers trying to assess the political implications of President Obama taking executive action on immigration, here are three things to consider: Republicans will overreact and overreach, triggering a focus on a government shutdown and a push toward impeachment: As a range of stories highlighted yesterday, Republicans are already... Continue »
Check out this blog today from Markos at Daily Kos on why Obama should use his executive powers to protect families from deportation.  For Obama and the Democrats, such a move is “win-win-win,” because it’s good policy and good politics.  For Republicans, however, a move from Obama could really doom... Continue »
Below is a press statement from DRM Action.  It relates to this encounter between DREAMers and Rep. Mike Coffman: This week, a Dreamer confronted Congressman Mike Coffman (R-Col) on his stalled efforts to pass legislation to allow Dreamers to serve in the military. With Congress failing to act, the DREAM Action... Continue »
In the latest episode of the Huffington Post’s Drinking & Talking, our own Frank Sharry joined Eric Cantor’s former deputy chief of staff Doug Heye, Think Progress’ Esther Lee, and Huffington Post’s Elise Foley to discuss immigration legislation in this Congressional session and why Republicans have still not passed reform.  Some highlights:... Continue »