Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte went on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos this weekend, where Ramos asked the Congressman about immigration and deportations.  Unfortunately, when Ramos asked Rep. Goodlatte if he wanted Obama to deport more immigrants, Goodlatte couldn’t give a straight answer.  According to Greg Sargent at... Continue »
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House Republicans have so far been all talk, no action on immigration reform, but apparently even their chatter is worrying anti-immigrant conservatives.  Steve King ominously warned yesterday that “this place will blow up” if the House ever tries to take up immigration reform, prompting “a crisis like we have not... Continue »
Rep. Polis Joins Youth Leaders to Discuss Key State Level Immigration Victories This Week, New Political Reality on Immigration in Swing States As House Republicans continue to offer weak excuses for their failure to lead on immigration reform, pro-immigrant policies are being enacted in key swing states and evidence... Continue »
In addition to Mark Krikorian’s latest, here’s what else has been going on with various anti-immigrant groups: Krikorian’s organization, the Center for Immigration Studies, this week released a study claiming that immigrants imperil Republican electability because they tend to vote in favor of Democrats.  It’s the same kind of logic that... Continue »
Well, this is ominous from Steve King.  During an interview with The Capitol Hill Show with Tim Constantine yesterday, King — perhaps rattled by all the recent Republican talk of impending immigration reform — warned that the “rule of law people” will do whatever it takes to prevent any vote on immigration. As... Continue »
Meanwhile, In the House Pelosi and Hoyer Challenge Republican Leadership on Inaction As advocates from around the country yesterday rallied for immigration reform and an end to record deportations, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the Senate floor to deliver an impassioned speech directed at the House GOP.  He sharply criticized their failure to... Continue »
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