Two months after immigrants launched a hunger strike at the privately run, for-profit Tacoma Detention Center, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) has introduced the Accountability in Immigration Detention Act. According to Maru Mora Villalpando of the #Not1More deportation campaign, the Tacoma hunger strikers are directly responsible for making this legislation happen.  As she siad: This... Continue »
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Mom and Kids Relieved to Spend Mother’s Day Without Imminent Threat of Deportation, But Continue a Life in Limbo After a hard fought public campaign, local Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director, Rebecca Adducci, granted a six month “stay of removal” to Maria Esmeralda Cornejo—a 14 year Columbus, Ohio... Continue »
When President Obama announced yesterday that he was easing rules for foreign high-skilled workers, Sen. Chuck Grassley was one of the first to register his displeasure.  As he griped on the Senate floor: The Obama administration claims it wants immigration reform, but they can’t wait for Congress.  They act on their own.   What’s... Continue »
Telemundo and Univisión today lift up a very sad story about a family that was separated by deportation and remind us all of the consequences of inaction on immigration by both this administration and this Congress.  Natalia Campana, immigrant mother and wife, who simply wanted to see her husband one... Continue »
House Republican Primaries in NC and OH Demolish Myth of Backlash Against Pro-Reform Republicans Yesterday’s primaries in North Carolina and Ohio proved, once again, that the supposed strength of the nativist wing of the GOP is more myth than reality.  The results show that the vaunted anti-immigrant movement is... Continue »
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Los inmigrantes indocumentados siguen “bajo asedio” ante la inacción del Congreso por una reforma migratoria y la agresiva aplicación de las deportaciones, por lo que los activistas preparan la segunda fase de su campaña de presión para exigir más alivios migratorios. Continue »