Han pasado 306 días desde que el Senado aprobó su proyecto migratorio; quedan 59 días para que la ventana de oportunidad se cierre Washington, DC – En un acontecimiento que no sorprendió a nadie, el presidente de la Cámara Baja, John Boehner (R-OH) se retractó de sus comentarios de... Continuar »
This week, the Migration Policy Institute released a report, The Deportation Dilemma: Reconciling Tough and Humane Enforcement, which “analyze the current pipelines for removal and key trends in border and interior apprehensions, deportations and criminal prosecutions. ” The report begins: The United States has deported a record number of unauthorized... Continuar »
Today, dozens of advocates — including a number of youth — conducted an act of civil disobedience on Capitol Hill, sitting down until they were arrested while demanding that Congress take action on immigration reform. The weather was torrential, but that didn’t stop them. Watch video of the civil... Continuar »
It’s Been 306 Days Since Senate Passed its Immigration Bill; 59 Days Left Until Window of Opportunity Closes In a development that surprised no one, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) yesterday walked back his comments from last week in which he mocked his fellow House Republicans for... Continuar »
Obama prometió una reforma migratoria como candidato en 2008, pero ahora se encuentra en la mira de grupos cívicos que lo han tachado como el “deportador en jefe”, y no el paladín de los inmigrantes que ofrece la Casa Blanca. Continuar »
Daily Beast: Here’s What Happens When the GOP Takes Over the Senate By Michael Tomasky NBC Washington: Virginia Extends In-State Tuition to DREAM Act Students By Kristin Wright JD Journal: Immigration Advocates and the Tech Industry New York Times: Immigration Bill Hinges on New Obama Attitude, Boehner Says By... Continuar »
Yesterday, more than 250 local evangelical pastors from 25 states congregated on Capitol Hill to meet with their members of Congress and call for a vote this year on immigration reform. The pastors, organized by the Evangelical Immigration Table, started their day with a worship service, before meeting with more... Continuar »
Breaking news today: Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring has announced that DACA-recognized DREAMers living in Virginia will now qualify for in-state tuition rates when attending the state’s public colleges and universities. As Herring said in a press release: If the Commonwealth is to remain competitive in a global economy, we... Continuar »
Check out the photos from this action with We Belong Together, NDLON, and National People’s Action yesterday: (Hint: there’s more to come later this week!) Continuar »
Like clockwork, here comes Steve King, once again making comments demeaning immigrants and claiming that military DREAMers wishing to join the armed services are “mercenaries” rather than patriots. According to Right Wing Watch, King was speaking with Iowa TV station KIMT last week when he falsely stated that those who would... Continuar »