Yahoo News by Liz Goodwin: Deportations on track to drop to a 6-year low McClatchy Washington by Franco Ordonez:  Survey: Most Latino immigrants want legal status, won’t insist on citizenship Texas Tribune by By Julián Aguilar: Immigration Reform Advocates Open to Piecemeal Approach Huffington Post by Elise Foley: Jeh... Continue »
Second in Two Part Series: Immigration Advocates Review Key Moments from 2013 & Preview What’s to Come in 2014 In 2013, the fight for immigration reform proved that this is not simply an “issue campaign” but a vibrant, relentless movement for social justice.  In a very special Office Hours,... Continue »
Yesterday, Bloomberg News reported on a possible drop in the number of deportations by the Obama administration: In his first term, President Barack Obama highlighted record deportations to show he was getting tough on immigration enforcement, which Republicans and even some Democrats have demanded as a condition for overhauling existing laws.... Continue »
Last month, we kicked off the “Do Your Jobs” campaign to remind Congress of all the immigrants who will be working hard to produce our food and drink this holiday season.  Throughout the rest of the year, we will be profiling immigrant workers like Fidel (below), who work every... Continue »
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Two years ago, we were deeply involved in the battle against Alabama’s HB 56, the harshest immigration law in the country. HB 56 was a self-deportation bill that relied on racial profiling to harass immigrants in the state. But, as Benjy Sarlin notes, today, HB 56 is in shambles: “Illegal... Continue »
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From Define American, a new symbol of unity for the immigration movement: When immigrants become U.S. citizens, they swear an oath. We should all be willing to do that. Let’s renew our vows to America: I pledge to be an active American to show up for others to govern... Continue »
Washington, DC – The human toll of our failed immigration system and unrelenting deportations mounts every single day.  As the holiday season approaches, the Obama Administration is on track to break yet another deportation record.  The tragic case of Ardany Rosales Lemus illustrates the price of inaction that is... Continue »
Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: WASHINGTON, DC – Hace exactamente cuatro años escribí mi columna de fin de año sin reforma haciendo referencia al aguinaldo puertorriqueño Cantares de Navidad, cuyo estribillo central dice: “un año que viene y otro que se va”. Me atrevo a repetirlo... Continue »