Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: Pasado el zafarrancho presupuestario y del tope de la deuda –al menos hasta pasadas las fiestas navideñas–, el presidente Barack Obama enumeró tres áreas de su agenda doméstica donde espera cooperación del disfuncional Congreso, especialmente de la Cámara de Representantes, siendo... Continuar »
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Yesterday, Latino Decisions published a new presentation on immigration reform politics in California and what it means for Republicans there and the GOP nationwide.  We know the story well: in 1994, California Republicans pushed through a horribly anti-immigrant law (Prop 187) that drove Latinos into the arms of Democrats.  The progressive... Continuar »
All year long, we’ve been fighting for real immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship for the 11 million.  It’s easy to forget, though, that under current Obama immigration policies, families aren’t supposed to be separated and non-priority immigrants aren’t supposed to be deported.  Current immigration enforcement policies,... Continuar »
After Fiscal and Debt Ceiling Debacle, Could Immigration Reform Be the GOP’s Comeback Issue? Today, on a press call with reporters, immigration reform leaders and political analysts discussed what’s next for immigration reform in Congress.  After the resolution of the budget crisis this week, space has opened up for... Continuar »
The shutdown is over, the debt ceiling has been negotiated through next year, and it’s the perfect time to take on an issue that 88% of Americans want passed into law: immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Some Republicans however, most notably Raul Labrador, are already resisting such a... Continuar »
There’s been a lot of speculation in political circles about what kind of political impact the shutdown would have on the Republican Party. Yesterday, the Cook Political Report got DC buzzing with this tweet: Today’s ratings changes: CA31, CA41, CO06, FL22, MI03, MI07, MT-AL, NE02, NJ02, NJ03, NM02, NY23,... Continuar »
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