Pro-Reform Movement on the March: Will Republicans Get Lifted Up or Left Behind? The immigration movement is mobilizing like never before, demanding policy progress in Washington and throughout the country.  In Washington, the political heat is melting some GOP resistance to immigration reform as more Republicans sign onto to... Continue »
With 17 days left to go in this year’s legislative calendar, Politico has jumped to the conclusion that there’s not enough time to pass immigration reform, and House Republicans are actually thinking about cancelling session dates in order to avoid doing their job. Today, however, the Office of Democratic... Continue »
Christian Post (CrossMap): Immigration Reform 2013: Sen. Marco Rubio Tells GOP To Not Pass His Immigration Bill Arizona Republic: Fleeting hopes for immigration reform By Dan Nowicki and Erin Kelly Personal Liberty Digest: Pelosi Tries To Leverage Boehner On Bringing Comprehensive Immigration Reform To House Vote By Ben Bullard... Continue »
Members of Congress like Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor have said multiple times now that House leadership intends to bring immigration up for a vote sometime before the end of the year.  What remains unclear is when such a vote will be, and on what type... Continue »
New Public Policy Polling (PPP) polls of eight congressional districts, commissioned by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), show that Republican House members can begin to rebuild the damage to their popularity caused by the government shutdown if they vote for commonsense immigration reform. Said SEIU Executive Vice President... Continue »
Lessons in Virginia and California on Display for GOP, if They Are Willing to Look & Listen  Given the likely outcome, the Virginia governor’s race could be a sign of things to come for the GOP in 2014 when it comes to the politics of immigration.  Republican candidate Ken... Continue »
4:14 PM UPDATE: Here’s an excerpted statement from Promise Arizona: “We remind Mr. Franks that more than two-thirds of Arizonans support an immigration reform plan that includes a path to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented population, because they understand that the current system causes incredible pain and suffering among immigrants... Continue »
Washington, DC – Este día, la representante Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) se unió como copatrocinadora del proyecto HR15, la sensata legislación migratoria integrada en su totalidad de disposiciones que han atraído apoyo bipartidista en el pasado. Ros-Lehtinen es la segunda republicana en unirse a este proyecto, que ahora busca 200... Continue »
Frank Sharry: It is becoming harder by the day for Republican leadership to delay or deny the momentum behind immigration reform… Continue »