The following is a press release about events this Saturday, October 5th: Advocate Groups, Faith, Labor Allies Determined to Break Through Partisan Gridlock with Immigration Reform; Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship is the Lone Issue with Bipartisan Majority Support in Congress This Saturday, October 5th, Latino, Asian, and... Continue »
Government Shutdown Shows Need for House GOP Modernizers to Stand Up to Radicals Conservative journalist Byron York of the Washington Examiner has an interesting piece entitled, “How 30 House Republicans are forcing the Obamacare fight.”  In it, he states: There are 233 Republicans in the House.  Insiders estimate that three-quarters of them,... Continue »
We already know Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) as one of the House GOPers who supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  As a Republican from California, Denham understands why our nation needs immigrants, and why Republicans can’t be the party blocking a policy supported by the vast majority... Continue »
The Weekly Standard: 84 House Republicans Support Legalizing Undocumented Workers By Maria Santos Bloomberg: Immigration Roundup: Will an Overhaul Happen? By Laura Francis Chicago Tribune: Gutierrez book criticizes Obama on immigration By Mark Jacob Roll Call: Republican Senate Hopefuls Vary in Quality, Approach By Stuart Rothenberg National Journal: The... Continue »