Several new analyses and polls demonstrate that for a growing number of House Republicans and the Republican Party as a whole, immigration reform is not just the right thing to do, but also a matter of political survival. According to Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice: We are closing in... Continue »
According to new polls from Magellan Strategies, the vast majority of likely voters in three Republican-held districts—CD-10, CD-21, and CD-22—support immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.  These findings confirm the results of hundreds of other surveys conducted over the past few years.... Continue »
Immigration reform advocates have enjoyed a fantastic few days displaying the power of our movement.  Last Saturday, tens of thousands of activists joined at more than 180 events in 40 states around the nation to demand action on immigration reform.  On Tuesday, we brought it back to Washington, DC,... Continue »
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Necesitan incrementar la presión a su liderazgo patrocinando el proyecto HR15 o elaborando su propia propuesta sobre los 11 millones Washington, DC – La manifestación pro inmigrante de ayer en el National Mall atrajo a más de 10,000 personas y concluyó con el arresto de más de 200 activistas... Continue »
House Republican Supporters of Reform Need to Ratchet Up Pressure on GOP Leadership by Sponsoring HR15 or Producing Their Own Proposal on the 11 Million  Yesterday’s pro-immigration reform rally on the National Mall drew over 10,000 people and was concluded by the arrest of over 200 activists and eight... Continue »
El fundador y director ejecutivo de America’s Voice, Frank Sharry, fue una de las 200 personas arrestadas este día en el Capitolio de Estados Unidos como parte de la desobediencia civil relacionada con el movimiento migratorio. Las detenciones sobrevinieron tras una importante manifestación en el National Mall y la... Continue »
Huffington Post: House Democrats Arrested In Immigration Reform Protest By Elise Foley Fox News Latino: Thousands Rally For Immigration Reform, Eight Members Of Congress Arrested By Elizabeth Llorente RT: Congress members among hundreds arrested in immigration rally at US Capitol New York Times: 8 Lawmakers Arrested at Immigration Protest... Continue »