House GOP Leaders Float Baby Steps at a Time When Broad Reform is Needed In recent days House Republicans are floating ideas and expressing optimism that they can get something done on immigration reform.  There’s talk of a KIDS Act to help Dreamers.  There’s talk of piecemeal measures that might add up to a comprehensive… Continue »

4:58 PM EDIT: According to Think Progress, Ryan contradicted himself on citizenship just a few weeks ago: The congressman debunked his own claim that undocumented immigrants might be “pushed” into citizenship a few weeks ago, when he stressed how arduous the process would be: “At the end of the day, if everybody else in line who came here… Continue »

This morning, John Boehner told Talking Points Memo that he hopes the House will pass immigration reform before the debt ceiling negotiations this fall. “I hope so,” he said.  “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need immigration reform.  It’s good for our country and frankly it’s the right thing to do.” HMMM.… Continue »

Washington Post (Blog): Bipartisan group in House closes in on immigration reform compromise By Greg Sargent Associated Press: Boehner: ‘Basic fairness’ dictates action to help unauthorized immigrants brought as kids Politico: John Boehner welcomes ‘education’ on immigration By Ginger Gibson The Hill: Boehner endorses push for citizenship for children of illegal immigrants By Russell Berman… Continue »

El presidente Barack Obama dijo hoy que Estados Unidos debe sentirse orgulloso del crecimiento de su población hispana y reiteró su llamado a la Cámara de Representantes para aprobar la reforma migratoria que otorgue ciudadanía a 11 millones de indocumentados.  En entrevista con la cadena Telemundo, Obama desestimó como razón para oponerse a la reforma… Continue »

El presidente de EE.UU., Barack Obama, insistió hoy en que la reforma migratoria en el país solo tendrá sentido si incluye una vía a la ciudadanía para los 11 millones de indocumentados, destacó sus beneficios económicos y dijo que confía en que el Congreso logre aprobarla en otoño boreal.  Obama concedió entrevistas en la Casa… Continue »

It has now been three weeks since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship by a 68-32 vote, with the House still appearing disinclined to make meaningful action anytime soon. Today, a number of House Democrats are taking a stand on the House floor to speak on the economic… Continue »

7/18 UPDATE: Here’s a data point for John Stanton: Tea Party groups are apparently upset at Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) for voting to support the Senate immigration bill.  But they haven’t been able to find any primary contenders to challenge him. All month, House Republicans have been dragging their feet on immigration reform, appearing unwilling… Continue »

Conventional Wisdom is Crumbling, Excuses are Falling Away, and It All Comes Down to Boehner Conventional wisdom states that House Republican leadership has an intractable problem on its hands regarding immigration – an unruly anti-reform caucus that is resistant to sensible reform because its members fear primary challengers, worry about Tea Party opposition and think… Continue »