Cross-posted at Latino Decisions: A new poll from America’s Voice and Latino Decisions shows immigration policy action and rhetoric weighs heavily in on Latino voters as they evaluate elected officials, parties, and their vote choices. The national survey of 500 Latino registered voters asked a novel set of questions... Continue »
Today, on the Senate floor, we saw something we hadn’t seen yet in the immigration debate: A Senator actually invoked the Heritage Foundation’s infamous anti-immigrant report. Sure, Rep. Steve King has cited the report, but he’s so extreme we’d expect it from him. But Utah’s Mike Lee seemed unfazed by the controversy... Continue »
Long Island has come a long way since the days of Steve Levy. A new poll released today by Harstad Strategic Research found that the vast majority (eight out of 10) Long Islanders “somewhat” or “strongly” favor immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  The survey spoke to 755... Continue »
“No creo que vamos a aceptar enmiendas, en busca de más votos, que vayan a perjudicar el concepto principal que hemos ofrecido”, afirmó el senador. WASHINGTON, DC – Sesenta ó setenta. Esa es la gran pregunta. Mientras el Senado federal debate un histórico proyecto de reforma migratoria con una... Continue »
This week the U.S. Senate began debating immigration reform on the Senate Floor. On a press call/webinar today, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released the second installment of the latest in a series of tracking polls – all of which underscore the political imperative of passing immigration reform. Sylvia... Continue »
Even Polls Senator Grassley Cites Show that Public Consistently Backs Immigration Reform with Path to Citizenship On the Senate floor today, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) once again misrepresented public opinion on immigration reform – so once again, we’re compelled to correct the record.  Grassley highlighted selective results from three... Continue »
A new piece by the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent captures why the border security amendment being pushed by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) “is designed for the express purpose of killing the bill.”  The piece is below: This morning, GOP Senator John Cornyn unveiled his much-anticipated amendment to the Senate... Continue »
This morning, John Cornyn introduced his border security amendment to the Gang of 8 immigration bill–and many in the immigration reform world agree that it’s a poison pill.  Harry Reid knows it, Chuck Schumer knows it, and now Greg Sargent at the Washington Post is calling Cornyn out on it. As Sargent wrote:... Continue »
Earlier today, as we noted, Majority Leader Harry Reid said: I am concerned that some who oppose the very idea of reform see these triggers as a backdoor way to undermine the legislation. And I believe some Republicans with no intention of voting for the final bill – regardless... Continue »