Will Adults in Republican Party Stand Up to Cynical, Mean-Spirited, and Draconian Legislation from House GOP?  Early next week, the House Judiciary Committee is primed to move forward on new and draconian immigration legislation that shows that they have learned nothing since the 2012 election and are intent to... Continue »
It’s a fundamental truth of the immigration debate: the fastest way to get Latinos and immigrants fighting mad is to try to turn 11 million undocumented immigrants into criminals. In 2006, when the House tried to turn being in the U.S. without papers into a crime under the infamous... Continue »
Today, America’s Voice Education Fund alongside other immigration advocates and policy experts held the sixteenth in a series of weekly “Office Hours” press briefings.  Moderated by Frank Sharry, Executive Director at America’s Voice Education Fund, today’s call featured Mercedes Lemp, Executive Director, Language ETC; Evelyn Rivera, South East Regional... Continue »
By Yoli Navas: “Qué Pasa” is our weekly roundup of  news, opinion, and links from Spanish-Language online news publications: The Senate began debating the bipartisan immigration reform bill, as well as Obama’s push for Congress to pass the bill, and the amendments that are being proposed. Below are a few highlights:... Continue »
One year ago this weekend, President Obama announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers.  This bold executive action, spurred by the actions and advocacy of the DREAMers themselves, reignited Latino voter enthusiasm for President Obama, crystallized the immigration distinctions between President Obama and Mitt Romney and... Continue »
A poll by Alliance 4 Citizenship, Partnership for a New American Economy, and Republicans for Immigration Reform shows overwhelming support for immigration legislation… Continue »
It’s the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the deferred action for DREAMers (DACA) program this weekend—and it’s also Father’s Day.  But with hundreds of thousands of immigrants being deported every year and more than 5,000 children living in foster care due to the deportation of their parents, too... Continue »
Adolescentes afectados por la deportación de sus padres visitaron hoy a legisladores en Washington para pedirles la urgente aprobación de una reforma migratoria que permita la reunificación familiar.  “No tengo a nadie a quien abrazar en el Día del Padre” que se celebra este domingo, dijo Lisbeth Alvarado, de... Continue »
El Senado estadounidense rechazó hoy una enmienda republicana que exigía el control operacional de la frontera sur antes de legalizar a la población indocumentada, en el único voto del día sobre la medida y en medio de pugnas sobre la vigilancia fronteriza.  En el tercer día de debate de... Continue »