Today, America’s Voice Education Fund and fellow immigration experts held the fourteenth in a series of weekly press briefings, or Immigration Reform “Office Hours.”  Each week, a different and diverse group of speakers shares the latest information on the players, politics, legislation and other developments in the debate in Washington and around the nation. Moderated… Continue »

Immigrants contribute more in to Medicare than they take out, and the Gang of 8 immigration bill would help keep Social Security afloat.  But Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), immigration reform opponent extraordinaire, is still obsessed with finding a way—any way—to prove that immigrants are a drain on society. Sometime in the next few weeks, the… Continue »

This week, longtime conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly issued a call for the Republican Party to abandon immigration reform and Hispanic outreach in favor of a strategy focused on white voters.  Talking Points Memo reports: “Phyllis Schlafly of the ‘pro-family’ group Eagle Forum called the GOP’s need to reach out to Hispanic voters a ‘great myth’ during a conservative radio program… Continue »

Last summer, a group called the “Nuns on the Bus” traveled nearly 3,000 miles through nine states to protest Republican budget plans, and this year they’re back—fighting in support of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. This week in New York, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, the nuns kicked off a… Continue »

The Hill: Pro-immigrant groups balk at Gang of Eight’s goal of 70 votes By Alexander Bolton Los Angeles Times: Opponents of immigration reform face changed landscape By Lisa Moscaro NBC News: Immigration and the blame game By Mark Murray NBC News: For promoters and foes, immigration bill’s larger impact may be felt at the polls… Continue »

The following is a press statement from the National Immigration Forum and Sojourners: As momentum builds in support of broad, commonsense immigration reform, the Evangelical Immigration Table announced today its newest and largest paid-media campaign to reach evangelicals on the issue of immigration. On a press call today, national and local evangelical leaders discussed the… Continue »

A Harvard Medical School study has found that immigrants have contributed billions of dollars more to Medicare in recent years than they have taken out, thus helping to shore up the longevity of the program. From 2002 to 2009, the study finds, immigrants contributed $115 billion more to Medicare than they took out, while native-born… Continue »

Shortly after introduction of the Gang of 8 immigration reform bill this year, Senator John McCain said this about the GOP and the importance of passing immigration reform in order to attract Latino voters: “I think we can compete,” McCain said. “But if we don’t do this, we can’t begin the conversation with our Hispanic voters, and… Continue »

Chuck Grassley, quien votó por la amnistía de 1986, opina que antes de legalizar a los inmigrantes sin papeles es vital garantizar la invulnerabilidad de la frontera con México. Ted Cruz no quiere ni oír hablar de darle la ciudadanía a los extranjeros que violaron las leyes a sabiendas al vivir en el país sin… Continue »