Cross-posted at Latino Decisions, Latino Vote Matters, and Daily Kos: In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, the Latino vote in states like Colorado has been held up as a critical and influential factor.  Latino voters turned out in record high numbers and their 75% vote for President Obama nationally set a new high… Continue »

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions, Latino Vote Matters, and Daily Kos:  A month seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the outcome of Colorado’s 2012 general election and the role of Latino voters in both the Presidential and state-level contests.  In many respects, the election reflected a continuation of the state politics apparent in 2008… Continue »

A panel featuring pollster Ruy Teixeira and Obama for America organizer Jeremy Bird at the Center for American Progress today underscored the impact of the minority vote in last month’s election, and highlighted just how instrumental record numbers of minority voters were to President Obama’s reelection effort. As Ruy Teixeira said in a PowerPoint presentation… Continue »

Since the election last month, when Mitt Romney lost the Latino vote to President Obama by more than a 3-1 margin, Republicans who acknowledge that the party must do better with immigration and Latino voters have mainly fallen into two camps. There is the camp of the token proposal, which has pushed out legislation like… Continue »

First, a California Republican group refused to support Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-CA)’s exploratory bid to become governor.  Now, Kansas lawmakers have voted against elevating state Rep. Virgil “Let’s Shoot Immigrants from Helicopters” Peck to the position of assistant majority leader.  Republicans nationwide and at the state level are realizing that they must do better with… Continue »

WASHINGTON –  Diciembre hizo su aparición y con él las ya tradicionales disputas fiscales que año con año amenazan con dañarle las vacaciones navideñas a más de uno por la posibilidad de que el Congreso no llegue a un acuerdo que satisfaga a todas las partes. Como en el mejor (o peor) de los dramones,… Continue »

Matt Rhoades, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, has added his voice to the ranks of other Republicans lamenting choices the Party made on immigration.  At a forum hosted by the Harvard University Institute of Politics and reported on yesterday, Rhoades admitted that the campaign’s decision to move to the hard right on immigration during the GOP… Continue »