Russell Pearce, once of the champions of the Arizona anti-immigrant law, went down to defeat yesterday in his Republican State Senate primary…for the 2nd time! He lost by nearly 12 points to businessman Bob Worsley. He also lost to Jerry Lewis in a historic recall election last February. This primary was supposed to... Continue »
Maribel Hastings is a Senior Advisor at America’s Voice: They say that the first step toward fixing a problem is acknowledging that the problem exists. But at times during this Republican National Convention, the struggle to get the Republican Party to acknowledge that it has a serious Hispanic problem... Continue »
At a lunchtime panel with the Hispanic Leadership Network, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, and Jeb Bush sat down to talk about being governor of their respective states, and interestingly, how to talk to Latino voters about immigration. While Jeb Bush has consistently been moderate on immigration, both Martinez and... Continue »
Voters Once Again Rejected Pearce’s Extreme Views, Which Have Been Included in RNC Platform  Washington, DC – Russell Pearce, former Arizona State Senate President and hard-core anti-immigrant extremist, went down to defeat yesterday in his Republican State Senate primary, losing by nearly 12 points to businessman Bob Worsley. This was Pearce’s... Continue »
Check out this comprehensive post to tell you what went down at Republican National Convention, the GOP nominee for President, and other delegates on immigration. Continue »
Washington, DC – As expected, the 2012 RNC platform contains extreme hardline positions on immigration.  The document is filled with references to “illegal aliens” and takes a particularly strong stand against the DREAMer deferred action program, declaring that President Obama’s immigration approach has “undermined the rule of law at every... Continue »
My colleague, Van Le, is at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week, and she’s live-streaming the Arpaio press conference. Tune in! — Continue »
La plataforma aprobada hoy durante la Convención Nacional Republicana, en Tampa (Florida), deja en claro la oposición de los conservadores en EE.UU. al aborto, los matrimonios homosexuales y inmigración ilegal. Continue »
Haciendo alusión a los elefantes una vez más, el problema hispano de Romney es como el gran elefante blanco en medio del salón con el que todos tropiezan pero nadie quiere admitir que está ahí. Continue »
Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice TAMPA, Florida – Dicen que para resolver un problema primero hay que reconocer que existe. Y por momentos en esta Convención Nacional Republicana lograr que los republicanos reconozcan que tienen un severo problema hispano raya en lo absurdo. Haciendo alusión a... Continue »