There’s a growing consensus that Mitt Romney can’t compete for Latino votes.  Instead, the expectation is that GOP-affiliated Super PACS will run ads aimed at depressing the Latino vote.  In fact, it’s already happening in one of the battleground states: Nevada.  In another battleground, Colorado, PBS News Hour interviewed a Latina voter, Alejandra Vasquez, who summed… Continue »

Cross-Posted at The Huffington Post: Having alienated Latino voters in the primary with hard right immigration positions and dehumanizing anti-immigrant rhetoric, what will GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his surrogates do in the general election to attract the 40% of Latino votes experts say he needs to win the presidency? Many have argued that Romney… Continue »

Mitt Romney is in deep trouble with the Latino vote this election cycle, which is bad news considering how important the Hispanic voting bloc is slated to be this November and beyond.  As Republican pollster Glen Bolger told National Journal, “Look, we [Republicans] have got to do better with Latino voters, there’s no question about… Continue »

Over the weekend, CNN reported on undocumented immigrant entrepreneurs, and highlighted three stories of immigrants who have come forward hoping “to change the tone of the immigration debate.” CNN explains the problems many of these undocumented immigrants face: Without a path to residency or citizenship, these immigrants are prevented from getting regular jobs without lying… Continue »

Instead of Competing for Latino Voters in November, Evidence Piling Up of Multi-Pronged GOP Voter Suppression Effort Observers across the political spectrum agree that Latino voters will shape the election results in 2012 and beyond, and that Mitt Romney is in a deep hole with this segment of the electorate.  As Republican pollster Glen Bolger… Continue »

Immigration reform activists and supporters from all over Alabama converged on the state Capitol in Montgomery to protest the passage of HB 658 over the weekend, rallying together in a mega-march led by the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice. HB 658 became law last week when Alabama Governor Robert Bentley caved into anti-immigrant legislators and… Continue »