Tonight, Meg Whitman, who lost the 2010 California gubernatorial race, is hosting a major fundraiser for presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: The former Massachusetts governor’s fundraiser is co-chaired by billionaire Meg Whitman, his former employee at Bain Capital and the 2010 Republican candidate for California governor who promised to produce… Continue »

WASHINGTON – Dicen que quienes no conocen su historia están condenados a repetirla y con su primer libro titulado El Despertar del Sueño Americano, la periodista política de La Opinión, Pilar Marrero, demuestra que cuando de demonizar y de explotar a los inmigrantes para fines políticos se trata, en Estados Unidos la historia sigue repitiéndose.… Continue »

Mitt Romney plans to avoid talking about immigration and dampen Latino vote turnout

Pundits and politicians across the political spectrum all agree: the Latino vote will be crucial this November and beyond as a growing demographic becomes increasingly influential in electoral politics.  Two years ago, the Latino vote erected a “Western firewall” in Colorado, Nevada, and Colorado that saved the Senate for the Democrats.  This year, they are… Continue »

Mitt Romney has apparently decided that he can’t compete for the Latino vote, so he’s going to focus his energies on depressing it.  This strategy is already in force in states like Nevada and Colorado, the latter being where PBS News Hour interviewed a Latina voter who summed up the situation: “Obama promised us big immigration reform, and he… Continue »