Pundits and Parties Acknowledge Importance of Latino Voters for 2012  With Mitt Romney having all-but-officially sewn up the Republican presidential nomination, the consensus of pundits and party strategists alike is that we’ve moved into general election season.  As Talking Points Memo noted, “After a week in which both sides aggressively courted women voters, this week… Continue »

Once upon a time, Mitt Romney was enamored with a certain Kansas Secretary of State named Kris Kobach, a disarmingly handsome lawyer known for authoring state anti-immigrant bills across the nation, including SB 1070 in Arizona and HB 56 in Alabama.  In Kris, Mitt found someone who truly spoke to the right-wing base Mitt was so desperate to court,… Continue »

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith is holding yet another hearing on his proposal for mandatory E-Verify.  A blog post by Dara Lind, program associate at America’s Voice Education Fund, highlights Smith’s strong reliance on the “experts” from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigrant think tank founded as an extension of the Federation… Continue »

You might remember E-Verify. It’s House Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith’s pet project to singlehandedly boost the American economy by expanding regulation and costing hundreds of thousands of legal American workers their jobs.  The bill stalled after it passed the House Judiciary Committee last fall, and it’s no more politically viable or better an idea now… Continue »