Very powerful post from Nick Valencia, a producer at CNN about his first-hand experience with anti-Latino racism recently in Atlanta. Nick is a third generation Mexican-American, who was recently told to "Go home" by a woman in Atlanta. Continue »
One of the most egregious sections of the Alabama's horrific immigration law turns schools into immigration enforcement authorities. That's already having an impact on school kids. Continue »
If you oppose the DREAM Act, you're no moderate on immigration. Period. That goes for Governor Rick Perry and Senator Marco Rubio. Both say they Support in-state tuition But oppose the DREAM Act. Continue »
Yesterday, a Federal District Court Judge in Alabama delivered a decision that will have an immediate negative impact on immigrants and Latinos in that state. Judge Blackburn upheld some of the most egregious sections of Alabama's punitive and discriminatory. Continue »
During a "virtual roundtable" at the White House, President Obama answered direct questions on topics of interest to the Latino community. Immigration questions dominated the conversation. Continue »
Federal District Judge Sharon Blackburn upheld several sections of Alabama's worst-in-the-nation immigration law. Continue »
Major news from Alabama today. Federal District Court Judge Sharon Blackburn upheld several sections of Alabama's worst-in-the-nation immigration law today Continue »
In an outlier court decision that runs contrary to every other federal court that has ruled on the issues, U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn today upheld the most outrageous and discriminatory parts of Alabama's immigration law enacted earlier this year. Continue »
While immigration has emerged as a flashpoint in the Republican presidential primary, the fact remains: not one of the leading candidates supports the DREAM Act. Traditionally, the DREAM Act was a bi-partisan bill. It was originally authored and introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT). And when it... Continue »
Today, Rhode Island's Board of Governors for Higher Education unanimously approved a new policy granting in-state tuition rates to undocumented students. Continue »