Immigration authorities on Tuesday agreed to suspend the deportation of the guardians of a 17-year-old California leukemia patient and release them from detention, an official said. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will suspend for a year the deportation to Peru of Jose Humberto and Hilda Jauregui (HOW’-ray-gee), whose granddaughter Joseline suffers from leukemia and diabetes.

Tell the White House to stand strong in stopping deportation of DREAMers!

A federal judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of the nation’s harshest immigration law.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the new immigration deportation policy. Soon, we’re going to see what it means for undocumented immigrants who are in deportation proceedings. Over the weekend, the Omaha World-Herald published the story of Luis Cervantes. He’s a candidate for the relief under the new policy, thanks to Secure Communities.

Alabama’s tough new immigration law was temporarily put on hold by a federal judge on Monday. Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation crackdown had originally been set to take effect Sept. 1 but had come under fire from several groups that filed lawsuits against the measure.

Edging up on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, the nation will get its fill of recounting the harrowing events of that day. We will get to relive the horrors of so many innocent lives lost to those cowardly attacks, and we will remember the grim realization that followed for so many previously unaware Americans.

The Republican race for President is wide open. But the party has already settled on its vice presidential nominee: freshman Sen. Marco Rubio.If you asked a computer to design the perfect Republican candidate for vice president, it would come up with Rubio. He’s got three big things going for him. He’s a Tea Party favorite. He’s Latino. And he’s from Florida.

Rick Perry may have jumped to the front of the GOP pack in national polls, but here in first-in-the-nation NH Mitt Romney still holds an 18-point lead. When I asked Romney about Perry during a recent campaign swing through the Granite State, he replied, “I don’t know what all of his positions are, you’ll have to ask him… I don’t spend a lot of time looking at [other candidates’] positions.”

“I promised New Mexicans across the state that I would get rid of this symbol of greed and excess in state government,” she said at a news conference on Thursday, with Richard and Linda Felland by her side.

To honor the DREAM Act, and call attention to the ten years that have passed without it becoming law, Mariano Cardoso—a DREAMer from Connecticut himself—interviewed two fellow undocumented students, Melvin Rico and Sophia Campos. Watch their stories below.