In his state of the state speech in February, Gov. Rick Perry declared, "We must establish criminal penalties for employers who knowingly hire workers who are here in violation of immigration law." Tough words, but said with a wink and a nod. Continue »
State lawmakers Wednesday advanced measures that would allow undocumented university students to apply for financial aid, would help police monitor use of social networking websites by sex offenders and would end the fingerprinting of food stamp recipients. Continue »
The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia and other rights groups are preparing to file a lawsuit challenging Georgia's immigration law, which seeks to go after undocumented immigrants. The state chapter of the ACLU said in a statement Wednesday that the groups plan to hold a news conference Thursday... Continue »
Proposed changes to South Carolina's immigration laws would require all businesses to check their workers' legal status by using a federal database, a move that is receiving little resistance from the business community. Continue »
Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced that New York will "suspend" its participation in the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) controversial Secure Communities program Continue »
It might be his key role in the passage of a law that cost Arizona at least $750 million, or the ongoing news of the Fiesta Bowl football game scandal, or the questionable ties to prison lobbyists—but something is souring Arizonans on state Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Mesa), who... Continue »
The biggest political story over the past week didn't involve a bus tour, sordid tweets sent from a congressman's account or even the posturing over whether to raise the nation's debt ceiling. Instead, it was the no-thrills release of a 16-page report by the Census bureau, which underscored a... Continue »
In the jittery months after the 9/11 attacks, the federal government created a program that required thousands of Arab and Muslim men to register with the authorities, in an effort to uncover terror links and immigration violations. Continue »
When the regular session of the Texas Legislature ended on Monday, most key immigration legislation was left dead, including a proposal championed by Republican Governor Rick Perry that sought to crack down on cities that provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Continue »
There is nothing astonishing about the fact that President Barack Obama's Republican critics claim that he is taking U.S. Hispanics for a ride on immigration issues. What's surprising is that some of Obama's closest Democratic allies are beginning to say the same thing. Continue »