This backgrounder on constitutional citizenship reveals that recent attempts to deny citizenship to babies is unconstitutional and wrong, leading to millions of dollars lost in litigation, and viewed by the fastest growing voting demographic — Latinos — as an attack on their community. Moreover, revoking the 14th amendment is not a solution for fixing our broken immigration system.

In a panel discussion moderated by Andrea Mitchell (of NBC News fame) in celebration of the eighth anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, a former DHS secretary, says that critics of immigration reform need to “get over it” and find a solution to the problem of “illegal” immigration

Don’t look now, but Texas is turning blue. Not today, to be sure, nor tomorrow. But to read the newly released census data on the Lone Star State is to understand that Texas, the linchpin of any Republican electoral college majority, is turning Latino and, unless the Republicans change their spots, Democratic.

Making the intellectual link between slavery and illegal immigration isn’t hard.

Indiana’s proposed immigration law — which would be one of the toughest such laws in the nation — took hits Tuesday on two fronts. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced that he had joined about 2,600 people in signing a petition to encourage state lawmakers to leave immigration reform to the federal government.

In December 2005 H.R. 4437, aka the “Sensenbrenner Bill” was passed by the House of Representatives and the issue of immigration became front page news in American politics.

Georgia moved one step closer Monday to mounting an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration when a key legislative panel passed a 22-page bill targeting the problem.

Sniping between the House and Senate over how to approach illegal immigration legislation took center stage at the Capitol again Monday. With passage of a bill aimed at repealing in-state tuition for undocumented college students, the House has now approved four measures on the controversial subject.

As I was coming off the plane from Indiana this weekend, a Latina flight attended tabbed my “I support the DREAM Act” pin and said “me too.” Two years ago, I would have been surprised that someone I didn’t know would recognize my DREAM Act pin and express their support.