Ever since Arizona passed its tough immigration law penalizing undocumented workers, other states have been considering similar laws. But so far, no Arizona-type legislation has passed. Instead, one state has chosen a different approach that it hopes will become an alternative model for dealing with the illegal immigration problem.

Arizona legislators took a timeout from illegal immigration with the Senate easily defeating five related bills, reflecting little appetite for an issue that made the state the focus of national debate and protest last year.

If Republicans pause long enough from their previously scheduled in-fighting at this weekend’s state convention, there might be time for some heavy thinking on how they can connect better with Latino voters. A new survey shows how they can. Maybe.

The U.S. government should create an interagency task force to coordinate Southwest border-security operations and resolve conflicts between agencies, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said on Thursday. Speaking at the U.S.-Mexico Congressional Border Issues Conference, Cornyn said he does not believe that the Obama administration has an adequate strategy for stopping illegal activity along the border.

This week, we reported how Kansas State Representative Virgil Peck suggested shooting immigrants from helicopters as a way to control the border.

La afiliada de UNIVISION en Nueva York reporta que una niña de cuatro años de edad, ciudadana estadounidense, fue enviada de vuelta a Guatemala luego de que en el viaje de retorno a Estados Unidos procedente del país centroamericano la menor y su abuelo fueran detenidos por las autoridades migratorias. El abuelo fue detenido por… Continue »

In the weeks and months after Arizona’s infamous Senate Bill 1070 became law last year, no shortage of commentators predicted that “Arizona fever” would sweep the nation, spawning copycat immigration bills in every corner of the US. In some states, this happened; stringent anti-immigration bills are winding their way through the Georgia, Oklahoma, and Florida statehouses (among others) right now.

The state legislature’s focus on illegal immigration is hurting the state, a group of 60 Arizona business leaders said Tuesday. “We strongly believe it is unwise for the Legislature to pass any additional immigration legislation,” said a letter to state Senate President Russell Pearce, signed by executives from around the state.

African-Americans in the South are shunning city life for the suburbs at the highest levels in decades, rapidly integrating large metropolitan areas that were historically divided between inner-city blacks and suburban whites. Census figures also show that Hispanic population growth for the first time outpaced that of blacks and whites in most of the South, adding to the region’s racial and ethnic mix.

The Census Bureau rolled out data for two western states Tuesday: New Mexico and Montana. Both states may be trending Democratic: New Mexico’s Hispanic population jumped, while Montana’s growth was largely in its more liberal university and vacation towns.