A Capitol Hill press conference early this morning, hosted by Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez (IL), Mike Honda (CA), Raul Grijalva (AZ), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Keith Ellison (MN), and Judy Chu (CA) launched the "Campaign for American Children and Families," an immigration reform advocacy tour that will begin this weekend... Continue »
Before his death in 1993, César Chávez was asked by a union member how he wanted to be remembered; he replied, "If you want to remember me, organize!" Chavez, who inspired millions of people to commit themselves to social and economic justice, would have turned 84 today. Continue »
In expected DHS-like fashion, the Bureau for Citizenship and Immigration Services has resumed rejecting green card applications filed by bi-national same-sex couples. Continue »
Mario, a math-and-statistics senior at Austin State, could be deported by April 5. Ask the Dept. of Homeland Security to stop his deportation. Continue »
When the classroom discussion veered into the topic of illegal immigration last year, Moises Roberto De Leon waited several minutes before wading into the heated debate. When he finally spoke, the De La Salle High School student revealed a secret known only to his closest family and friends. Continue »
Congressional Republicans are drafting legislation that would require the federal government to develop a plan to add more fencing, sensors, agents and even drones to stop every illegal entry into the United States. Continue »
Charles Dickens had it right when he declared, "The law is (an) ass." Consider the shameful decision by the Obama administration to "deport" Emily Ruiz despite the inconvenient fact that the 4-year-old from Brentwood, N.Y., is a U.S. citizen. Continue »
President Barack Obama, aware of news that the U.S. Hispanic population has hit 50 million, is turning his attention on issues key to Hispanics, including education. Early this week, Obama held a town hall meeting at a D.C. high school, roughly three miles from the White House, where two-thirds... Continue »
Emily Ruiz, the four-year-old US citizen who was returned by U.S. immigration authorities to Guatemala, has finally been reunited with her parents in New York. Continue »

Mar 30, 2011

Emily en casa

30/03/11 a 5:40pm por America’s Voice Español “Emily ya está con nosotros” “Se hace realidad nuestro sueño de volver a estar con ella” NUEVA YORK – Emily Samantha Ruiz, ciudadana estadounidense de cuatro años de edad, retornada a Guatemala por autoridades migratorias de Estados Unidos hace poco más de... Continue »