Around half of local police forces partnering in a federal immigration enforcement program are using it to arrest illegal immigrants for traffic and other small offenses rather than targeting dangerous criminals, according to a study released on Monday. Continue »
A "rational" immigration policy will likely become law in the United States, but only after "some time," former President George W. Bush said in a question-and-answer session aired Sunday night. Continue »
Tell Congress that it's time to show leadership and put an end to this disgusting attack by Senators Vitter and Paul. Continue »
Congress needs to show leadership, speak up for American values, and put an end to this disgusting attack on the constitution. Join us in sending our leaders in Congress a fax, telling them to reject Senators Vitter and Paul's dangerous move to scrap the 14th amendment. Continue »
A state lawmaker whose House committee this week will consider the Senate-passed bill designed to crack down on illegal immigrants said Sunday his panel will "give it a fair hearing, but we have a lot of questions about it." Continue »
31/01/11 a 11:18am por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON – ¿Qué podría hacer el gobierno federal con cinco mil millones de dólares adicionales en sus arcas para estimular la economía? Muchas cosas. Eso gastó el gobierno el año pasado en la deportación de 393,000 indocumentados. Se calcula que se gastan alrededor... Continue »
Frustrated by the federal stalemate on illegal immigration, cities and states have spent the last few years crafting their own curbs on unlawful residency. The most publicized of these was in Arizona, which ordered police with "reasonable suspicion" to check people's immigration status... Continue »
In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, President Obama demanded that we "stop expelling talented, responsible young people," people we've educated, because of irrational immigration policies. This sort of immigration reform should be obvious, particularly in the part of the country that stands to benefit most... Continue »
As state legislatures convene this month, lawmakers across the country who had vowed to copy Arizona's strict measure cracking down on illegal immigrants are facing a new reality. Continue »
The push by Republican policymakers at the federal and state level to change the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution shows the depth to which the Republican Party has plunged in its zeal to "crackdown on immigrants." Continue »