An incoming state senator announced yesterday that he will propose legislation to give illegal immigrants living in Maryland in-state college tuition. Continue »
POLITICO reports that Rep. Lamar Smith, incoming Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is looking to put a kindler, gentler face on his preferred immigration policy of mass deportation. Continue »} Continue »
In the "reader poll" conducted by CBS that accompanies the news article entitled "Obama: My Biggest Disappointment" Is Not Passing DREAM Act," 68% of readers currently think that Congress should pass the DREAM Act. Continue »
More than two decades ago, Celina Hernandez gave birth to a daughter in her native Mexico. But the newborn died hours later because she was three months' premature and her family couldn't afford the incubator she needed to survive. Continue »
At the end of a grueling lame-duck session, President Barack Obama spoke to the press about the session's highs and lows. He said that his "biggest disappointment" was not being able to pass the DREAM Act, and pledged to keep fighting for immigration reform, "so we are... Continue »
Despite the harsh anti-immigration rhetoric from some Republicans on the campaign trail, the newly empowered GOP could be walking a tightrope when it actually comes to tackling the issue in the next Congress Continue »
Sign our holiday card to courageous leaders of the DREAM Act movement and let them know that you'll keep fighting with them. Continue »
Our country and workforce have evolved over the past 35 years. When I first owned a fast-food restaurant in the l970s, and later in the 1980s, a lot of moms worked part time Monday through Friday during the lunch hours for additional income. Their children worked evenings and weekends... Continue »
While the Census numbers for Hispanic voters won't be out until February or March, interested Census geeks can tide themselves over with the predictions America's Voice made earlier this year in our report "The New Constituents: How Latino Population Growth Will Shape Congressional Apportionment after the 2010 Census." The... Continue »