Hollywood star Jessica Alba has slammed the new Arizona state immigration rules, branding the legislation "a very racist, foolish law". Continue »
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says illegal immigrants do essential work in the U.S. and he has firsthand knowledge of that -- because they fix his house. Continue »
People from coast to coast are stepping up for the DREAM Act -- even turning themselves into human billboardsd to send a message to Congress. Young immigrants from Arizona to Illinois are asking Congress to let them serve in the armed forces. Continue »
20/09/10 a 1:44pm por Maribel Hastings Por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON – La semana pasada, en un discurso ante la gala anual del Instituto de la Bancada Latina del Congreso (CHCI), el presidente Barack Obama envió un mensaje a la comunidad hispana: “No se olviden de quién está de su... Continue »
Is the DREAM Act germane to the Department of Defense Authorization bill before the Senate this week? Without a doubt. The FY2010-12 Strategic Plan for the Department of Defense's Office of the Undersecretary for Personnel and Readiness recommends passage of the DREAM Act, in order to help the military... Continue »
Immigrants have a proud tradition of serving in the military. Right now there are thousands of men and women in uniform who weren't born in the United States, yet they are willing to sacrifice everything for our country. The Department of Defense understands the importance of the foreign-born... Continue »


DREAM Act Eligible Youth Ready for the Armed Forces


Nelly... Continue »
Passing the DREAM Act should be a no-brainer. It's a Mom-and-apple-pie measure that enables high-achieving young immigrants to go to college, join our military and earn citizenship. Continue »
The Spanish-language press devotes much of its coverage today to the likely vote on the DREAM Act in the Senate this week. DREAM vote this week. La Opinión publishes the editorial "A reasonable strategy" ("Una estrategia razonable"), arguing that the Senate should put aside electoral politics to pass the DREAM... Continue »
Things are moving fast leading up to the first vote to allow the DREAM Act to move forward (scheduled for tomorrow afternoon), so here's a quick recap... First, in case you needed some good reasons to support DREAM, check out the great editorials over at the New York Times,... Continue »