04/08/10 a 6:42pm por Rafael Prieto Zartha Por Rafael Prieto Zartha Eran las 6 y media de la tarde y el termómetro marcaba 97 grados Fahrenheit en el Parque Marshall del centro de Charlotte, la ciudad más grande de Carolina del Norte, cuando se inició el pasado 29 de... Continuar »
She beat Poizner by 38 points on June 8, but the damage was done. "What Steve Poizner did was remind all the Latinos why they haven't voted Republican for the past 16 years," said Allan Hoffenblum, publisher of the California Target Book and a former political director for the state... Continuar »
While the most controversial elements of Arizona's immigration law have been placed on hold, some illegal immigrants in the state are deciding it's time to leave. In nearby Colorado, the American Friends Service Committee says more than a dozen families have arrived in just the past few weeks. Continuar »
First they were canceling in protest of the state's new immigration law. But now the reason organizations are avoiding Arizona for their conferences and conventions may be strictly business. Continuar »
Senator Lindsey Graham took some by surprise when he called for eliminating birthright citizenship and changing the 14th Amendment -- and Lou Dobbs took even more by surprise when he opposed Graham's idea. Continuar »
Republicans may be calling for hearings into revising the 14th amendment, which guarantees citizenship to children of illegal immigrants, but it looks like they're not going to get 'em. Russ Feingold, who chairs the Constitution Subcommittee, which would conduct the hearings, has "no plans" to allow them to go forward,... Continuar »
Unless we act now, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will rip Marlen Moreno away from her family and send her back to a country she barely knows. Help us send 5,000 faxes to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to stop Marlen from being deported on Saturday! Continuar »
My name is Marlen Moreno and I am undocumented. I am also a possible beneficiary of the DREAM Act. On Sunday, August 8, I will be deported. Continuar »
The message was that Arizona cannot have its own immigration or foreign policy. It cannot tell the federal government how to enforce its laws. Continuar »
Leading Republicans are joining a push to reconsider the constitutional amendment that grants automatic citizenship to people born in the United States. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Tuesday he supports holding hearings on the 14th Amendment right, although he emphasized that Washington's immigration focus should remain on... Continuar »