Records show that about 47,000 people have been removed or deported from the U.S. after the Homeland Security Department sifted through 3 million sets of fingerprints taken from bookings at local jails Continue »
The New York Times reports that one administration official has said they will work on passing the DREAM Act. Continue »
La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language daily paper in the US, joins the chorus of those calling on Congress to pass the DREAM Act, as the Obama Administration affirms its commitment to the bill. Pro-immigrant groups continue to criticize Congress for passing another border bill instead of a real... Continue »
If dealing with the thousands of youths in the U.S. illegally were a midterm exam, there's hardly an answer the Obama administration could give that would be seen universally as the right one. Continue »
As Matt Bai recalled in his New York Times column this weekend, President George W. Bush wanted a part of his political legacy to be expanding Republicans' appeal to nonwhites, in particular among Latinos. Continue »
09/08/10 a 3:49pm por Maribel Hastings Por Maribel Hastings Washington – ¿Quién decidirá si la frontera común con México llena los requisitos de seguridad que permitirían considerar en el Congreso un plan de reforma migratoria amplia? Quién sabe. Lo que sí se sabe es que la seguridad fronteriza es... Continue »
Following the nationwide outpouring of activism that led to one Arizona "DREAMer," Marlen Moreno, being permitted to stay in the US with her family for another year, the front page of the New York Times today tells the story of DREAMers being spared deportation time and time again when... Continue »
The latest flap over "birthright citizenship" has exposed a new low for Republican politicians hell-bent on politicizing the immigration debate and obstructing action on comprehensive immigration reform. Apparently, GOP politicians would rather change the Constitution than just do their job and fix the broken immigration laws--a sad commentary... Continue »
The push by congressional Republicans to deny automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants has opened up a split in the GOP, with several former Bush administration officials warning that the party could lose its claim to one of its proudest legacies: the 14th Amendment. Continue »
Various outlets in the Spanish-language press write follow-up stories on the bill that passed the Senate last week allocating $600 million for 1,500 more border troops and unmanned surveillance drones, among other things. Not to be outdone, Republicans continue to discuss abolishing birthright citizenship, drawing continued criticism from advocates... Continue »