30/06/10 a 4:31pm por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON, D.C. – El presidente Barack Obama pronuncia mañana un discurso de inmigración y la pregunta que algunos se hacen es qué podrá decir que no se haya dicho hasta ahora, o qué puede esperarse después de su alocución. El discurso se produce... Continuar »
The Spanish-language press leads with yesterday's meeting between President Obama and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the White House, and the address the President will give tomorrow on immigration reform. In the rest of the country, DHS enforcement programsexpand -- at cost to kids -- while activists and Democrats... Continuar »
News is spreading that the Obama Administration is considering a legal challenge to Arizona's radical new immigration law, SB1070. For those of us interested in civil rights, community safety, and the rule of law, let us hope so. If and when the Department of Justice announces a decision to... Continuar »

30 de junio de 2010

Contra lo peor de lo peor

30/06/10 a 10:34am por Rafael Prieto Zartha Pese a la presión abrumadora de grupos a favor de los inmigrantes, la iglesia católica local, la filial estatal de la NAACP, principal organización afroamericana del país, y la ACLU, que defiende los derechos de los ciudadanos, el gobernador demócrata de Tenesí... Continuar »
As an Obama Administration delegation traveled to Arizona to discuss border security and SB 1070 with officials there -- and in advance of a speech he will give on Thursday on the need for comprehensive immigration reform -- the president held a meeting Monday at the White House with... Continuar »
Today, the Spanish-language press leads with yesterday's White House meeting between President Barack Obama and representatives of groups advocating for immigration reform. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will review a law cracking down on employers of undocumented immigrants that was passed in Arizona, where Governor Jan Brewer is now calling... Continuar »

28 de junio de 2010

Inmadurez en Arizona

Los comentarios absurdos de la gobernadora Brewer evidencian la necesidad de la intervención de adultos en Arizona WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mientras varios reportes de prensa señalan que la administración de Barack Obama planifica impugnar la ley antiinmigrante SB1070 de Arizona, los comentarios recientes de quien promulgó la ley, la gobernadora de... Continuar »
RALEIGH -- One of the three young women on a hunger strike in downtown Raleigh protesting immigration laws was hospitalized last night, likely because of heat stroke. Silva was released from the hospital early this morning and is resting at home, and stopped her hunger strike, said Viridiana... Continuar »
Every year, 65,000 undocumented high school students who have grown up as Americans are prevented from going to college or joining the military. These youth want to give back to the only country they call home, but instead live in constant fear of deportation and separation from their families.... Continuar »
As news reports indicate the Obama Administration plans to mount a legal challenge to Arizona's anti-immigrant law, recent comments by the bill's signer, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ), underscore the need for the federal government to intervene in just such a manner. Repeating comments she made earlier this month, Gov. Brewer... Continuar »