New bipartisan polling on immigration released today shows that Americans of all political persuasions -- including those who favor the new Arizona immigration law -- strongly favor national action on immigration reform and overwhelmingly support comprehensive immigration reform. The research, conducted by Democratic polling firm Lake Research Partners and... Continue »
The Spanish-language press covers continued civil-disobedience actions and protests against SB 1070 and for immigration reform. Political reporters wonder who's setting the agenda in Washington, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to boycott Sonora back. Continue »
A new bi-partisan poll of registered voters across the country shows that Americans overwhelmingly want national action on comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, even supporters of the harsh Arizona immigration law strongly favor a federal, comprehensive approach. Continue »
Despite the media hype, spending on immigration enforcement has steadily climbed since 2002 and continues to skyrocket in President Obama's administration. The following chart shows that spending for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) increased from fiscal year 2002, at almost $7.5... Continue »
Conducted by Lake Research Partners and Public Opinion Strategies, a newly released bi-partisan poll of 800 registered voters nationwide with an oversample of 300 Latino registered voters shows that Americans overwhelmingly want national action on comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, even supporters of the new Arizona immigration law... Continue »
Over the weekend, Spanish-language media outlets kept last week's exchange about immigration between the First Lady and a young girl in the headlines. Elsewhere in the Spanish-language press, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano leaves the possibility open that ICE will not cooperate in enforcing Arizona law SB 1070, and... Continue »
23/05/10 a 8:22pm por Maribel Hastings Cuando la reforma de salud agonizaba comenzaron a publicarse artículos diciendo que los asesores de Barack Obama no estaban prestando atención a los consejos de su jefe de despacho, Rahm Emanuel, y que por eso la estrategia legislativa no estaba rindiendo frutos. La... Continue »
Hundreds of people occupied a building yesterday in downtown Seattle, Washington, protesting Obama's inaction on immigration reform. The building, which was located downtown, houses some relevant audiences: the immigration court, Customs and Border Patrol, as well as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office. The action, which was organized by... Continue »
The Spanish-language media continues to be captivated by the seven-year-old girl who stood up to Michelle Obama on deportations this week. The Mexican president's speech to Congress yesterday and continued protests across the nation for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform are also top stories. Continue »