President Barack Obama is on track to name more Hispanics to top posts than any of his predecessors, drawing appointees from a wide range of the nation’s Latino communities, including Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Colombians.

The Center For American Progress just released new guidelines today, which would present a strong foundation for a real immigration overhaul. Before laying out their core principles for Immigration Reform (view pdf), however, authors Marshall Fitz and Angela Kelley outline why this kind of reform is so urgent: Our broken immigration system undermines core national… Continue »

21/12/09 a 3:28pm por Rafael Prieto Zartha Este 2009 que se va nos deja en la boca ese sabor agridulce de que la reforma migratoria integral no se haya puesto en discusión en el Capitolio durante los primeros once meses de la Administración del cambio. El venidero 2010 nos llega como un rosal, que irradia fulgores… Continue »

A poll of 800 likely 2010 general election voters finds that support for comprehensive immigration reform remains strong, even in a down economy. This latest research tests public opinion at three crucial moments of time – November 2008, May 2009, and December 2009 and finds continued strong support for comprehensive immigration reform. Support for reform also crosses party lines, with majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents favoring the comprehensive solution to a temporary fix or mass deportation.

People on both sides of the immigration debate took issue with a proposal to change the State Board of Community College admissions policy for undocumented students during a public hearing Friday.

Supporters of immigration reform held a symbolic search for shelter on Friday.

Dozens gathered Friday morning outside the Broadview detention center for a prayer vigil.

Bringing millions of undocumented workers out of the shadows and streamlining immigration are in America’s best interest. The best idea in the bill is allowing an unlimited number of visas for foreign graduate students from American universities. The bad ideas are increased paperwork and oversight for visas. But the worst idea is a proposed extension of the E-Verify system to all workers.

House Democrats have introduced a bill sponsors say would be fair to taxpayers, enforceable and tough on enforcement. It also would create a permanent resident status for undocumented immigrants to allow them to eventually achieve citizenship if they pay a fine, learn English and pass criminal background checks.

Tom Perez, the Obama administration’s new Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights announced yesterday that , “the Civil Rights division is again open for business.” This is a welcome change for a department that had been widely criticized for politicizing the agency, lagging in effectiveness and suppressing legitimate cases over the last eight years.

On hate crimes, Perez announced that in the first year of the Obama administration, the department had dealt with more hate crime cases than in any year since 2001.

Soon after Superintendent Arlene Ackerman arrived in Philadelphia in 2008, officials set up what was to be a friendly meeting with parents and representatives from immigrant groups.

The meeting lasted two hours and focused on one issue, according to people present: Immigrants were being beaten and harassed in city classrooms. What would the district do?