Blogger "Chris in Paris" reported today on AMERICABlog about CNBC's outrageous coverage of what should have been (and is) a proud moment for America-- an American winning the New York marathon for the first time in decades. He argues: "What an amazingly ignorant thing to say. The CNBC editor... Continue »
Immigrant children in Utah are growing in number, but fewer than some people think are here with undocumented parents. And many are suffering financially and have less opportunity because of continuing ill will toward Mexican immigrants, legal or not. Continue »
Police officers giving drivers $204 tickets for not speaking English? It sounds like a rejected Monty Python sketch. Except the grim reality is that it has happened at least 39 times in Dallas since January 2007, according to The Dallas Morning News. At least six officers in several different... Continue »
We've all seen immigration play out as the hot-button issue that talk radio hosts love to flog, but today Joseph Boven has a thorough rundown of how immigration is actually playing out in elections -- politicians beware. According to his piece in today's Colorado Independent:"According to nonpartisan pollster Floyd... Continue »
Organizacion Maya K'iche is preparing a petition that the women and their friends and family members can put their names to, if they decide that's what they want to do. The petition asks President Barack Obama and the Bay State congressmen to enact a new immigration law that will provide... Continue »
03/11/09 a 11:18am por Rafael Prieto Zartha Bitácora Otra vez un hispano denuncia ser víctima de un ataque racista y muestra a los medios de comunicación el resultado de la agresión: dos cortes en uno de los pómulos, una nariz fracturada, una quijada desencajada, una cabeza herida y el... Continue »
Ben Reed was once a conservative shock jock in his native Idaho. But meeting and falling in love with a Mexican national brought about a change in philosophy. They now live in Mexico. Continue »
Being the bishop of a border diocese has proven "a powerful learning experience," said Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz. Although, during his time in Chicago as a priest and auxiliary bishop, he had awareness of and contact with immigrant populations, being on the border has given Bishop Kicanas... Continue »
Like other efforts to make them non-people, a proposal to exclude them from the 2010 census doesn't do anything to deal with the problem. Continue »
Is immigration reform back? Hoping to jump-start a major legislative drive on immigration reform in the U.S. Congress, more than 100 pro-reform House Democrats signed a letter reminding President Obama of his administration's commitment to overhaul immigration. Continue »