An immigrants' rights group has launched a campaign to educate workers about their rights and encourage local employers to treat them fairly. Continue »
The recent death of an immigrant who was detained at the Suffolk County House of Correction is a tragic display of the human rights crisis in the Massachusetts detention system for immigrants facing deportation. Continue »
The House is steaming toward a historic vote on President Barack Obama's remake of the U.S. health care system, with Democratic leaders increasingly confident and the powerful seniors' lobby AARP about to get on board. Continue »
Despite having no religious standing whatsoever, the anti-immigrant lobby has launched an unprecedented attack on religious denominations in response to the National Association of Evangelicals' (NAE) recent statement in support of immigration reform and compassion for immigrant families. Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant Internet group, told Congressional... Continue »
04/11/09 a 3:56pm por Maribel Hastings Tras los triunfos republicanos en las gubernaturas de New Jersey y Virginia son varias las conclusiones que pueden derivarse: que las preocupaciones por temas locales sumadas a los disgustos por políticas nacionales pueden ser nocivas para los titulares, sobre todo del partido en... Continue »
Sam Mejia-Reyes and Elida Perez offer a case study on why this nation needs immigration reform. They have lived and worked in the United States since they fled Guatemala with an infant son in 1992. They saved up enough money to buy a house in Novato several years ago.... Continue »
The debate over health care for illegal immigrants continues to percolate in Congress despite the Obama administration's efforts to put it to rest, with lawmakers in both houses also wrangling over how much coverage to provide for immigrants who have settled in the country legally. Continue »
Liberals and a collection of minority Democrats pressed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase insurance through the exchanges created in the party's health care bill. Continue »
What does Sheriff Arpaio do when he's criticized? Faiz Shakir and his team at Think Progress have a damning rundown of what many are calling "Arpaio's Abuse Of Power." From the Progress Report: This weekend, news reports revealed that the FBI is investigating whether Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been... Continue »
On this week's Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz struck back at CNN cohort Lou Dobbs. Dobbs had claimed earlier in the week that he and his wife had been shot at in their New Jersey home, in part due to the "national liberal media" and its coverage in the... Continue »