America’s top religious and law enforcement leaders are taking a strong stance in favor of sensible immigration reform and it’s made the anti-immigrant crowd very nervous.

In response, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the anti-immigrant lobby’s “think tank,” released two reports, written by the same author, claiming that Los Angeles police chief William Bratton and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, don’t know what they’re talking about.

Jennifer McFayden over at writes: “Peaceful, maybe, but ALIPAC president William Gheen is known for his hard line approach.” She quotes him saying telling Congressman Gutierrez (D-IL) to “”Make my day punk!”(Seriously?) and then goes on to say, “I don’t know what poll Gheen is using, but if he’s quoting the recent CNN poll that’s making the rounds, he might want to look at this blog post from America’s Voice.”

Immigrants, who traditionally are not well represented at the polls, are being encouraged to get out and vote Tuesday for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds.

The last time Milady Tavarez spoke with her brother, Pedro, he sounded lonely but otherwise fine. For a year and a half, he had been bounced from jail to jail, fighting deportation to the Dominican Republic. Now, he sat in the Suffolk County House of Correction, eager for her to visit.

Five days later, her telephone rang just before dawn. Pedro Tavarez was dying.

Republican Sen. David Vitter’s ongoing crusade to include a citizenship question on the 2010 Census, and then exclude non-citizens from the reapportionment count, has managed to inflame passions all around.

From Joaquin Guerra, over at the SEIU Blog– the latest action in response to the Vitter-Bennet Amendment: “Some politicians come up with dumb ideas. Some come up with impractical ideas that would cost taxpayers millions of dollars. And then there are those lawmakers with crazy proposals that would violate the United States Constitution.”

Together, we raised the $16,000 needed to run our TV ad on CNN – telling the station to drop Lou Dobbs’s one-sided, anti-immigrant “news” show.

Unfortunately, CNN isn’t having it. They called to say they won’t take our money and have refused to air our “Drop the Hate” TV ad.

Today, America’s Voice and Media Matters secured broadcast time to air their “Drop Dobbs” ad in several media markets across the country. The ad buy, scheduled to being Thursday, October 29th, challenges CNN for providing Lou Dobbs with a prestigious platform to practice his unique brand of dog whistle demagoguery. The initial plan was to air the ad during the Latino in America CNN special last week. Unfortunately, CNN refused to air the ad without giving a specific reason.

Anti-immigration groups and pundits cling to phrases like “Illegal Alien” because they only focus on foreignness and danger. These extreme factions are all about casting immigrants as what ails our society, conjuring up demons upon which to focus national ire, and perpetuating a subhuman category of being. It’s a convenient distraction from things that are actually endangering our nation. A new web-only series from ColorLines called “Torn Apart by Deportation” is the perfect antidote to people like CNN’s Lou Dobbs.

The Minutemen PAC, has gotten deeply involved in a New York Congressional race. Andrea Nill reports: “Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate for New York’s traditionally Republican 23rd District, has just won the right-wing support of the Minuteman Political Action Committee — the political action arm of a “nativist extremist” armed vigilante group. The Minuteman PAC is currently running Independent Expenditure radio spots and predicts that Hoffman is “positioned to win a landslide victory” over Republican Party nominee Dede Scozzafava.” The Minutemen came under increasing scrutiny several months ago when a Minuteman activist, Shawna Forde, was investigated for the alleged murder of nine-year-old Brisenia Flores.