By guest blogger Madhuri from the Restrore Fairness blog: "I am deeply disappointed that the Obama administration has failed to bring about immigration reform. Whereas I know he has the intention to do so, getting the job done is another story. Words from the farewell letter written by Dov... Continue »
Today the Senate Finance Committee is considering several key amendments on immigration to the current health insurance reform legislation. The worst amendments are sponsored by Senators Kyl (R-AZ), Grassley (R-IA) and Ensign (R-NV). Check out this alert by reform advocates working on the intersection of healthcare and... Continue »
Eric Byler and Annabel Park are local documentarians who have taken on the immigration debate in a unique, in-depth and innovative way. Their latest film, 9500 Liberty, documents the intense debate over immigration in Virginia's Prince William County when it, in Park's own words, "passed a local ordinance that was... Continue »
Two very different gatherings happened within 24 hours last week in Las Vegas, each at high levels in their respective worlds, each involving Hispanics. Continue »
With little movement on Immigration reform among lawmakers, the debate is entering a new space: museums. From New York to San Francisco, a network of museums will address tough questions on Immigration, including health care, borders and citizenship. Continue »
In the latest attempt to derail health care reform by blaming immigrants, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is up to the same old tricks – only this time, King wants to restrict access to the free market by individuals willing to pay for their own healthcare. What set King off were... Continue »
Every weeknight, CNN airs one full hour of Hate TV -- it's called, "Lou Dobbs Tonight." For 260 hours every year, Dobbs has a bully pulpit from which to spew race-baiting, fear, and intolerance, stamped with the CNN seal of approval. Continue »
A network of faith-based groups that have advocated for immigrants is organizing to bring the issue back to the forefront as Washington prepares to address it early next year. Continue »
November 8, 2009, will mark the one-year anniversary of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcello Lucero's brutal murder at the hand of seven high school teens in the infamously anti-immigrant Suffolk County, New York. Continue »
What we must do next is move more Latino children through college. (Only 16 percent of Latinos between age 25 and 29 have a college degree.) And that includes children of illegal immigrants. Last week, rallies were held in several cities to urge Congress to embrace this goal. Continue »