By guest blogger Madhuri from the Restrore Fairness blog: “I am deeply disappointed that the Obama administration has failed to bring about immigration reform. Whereas I know he has the intention to do so, getting the job done is another story. Words from the farewell letter written by Dov Charney, American Apparel’s chief executive, to almost a quarter of his staff laid off because of a federal investigation that found irregularities in their documents.”

Today the Senate Finance Committee is considering several key amendments on immigration to the current health insurance reform legislation. The worst amendments are sponsored by Senators Kyl (R-AZ), Grassley (R-IA) and Ensign (R-NV). Check out this alert by reform advocates working on the intersection of healthcare and immigration policy — please take a moment to call your Senators now to oppose amendments that are bad policy for all Americans.

Eric Byler and Annabel Park are local documentarians who have taken on the immigration debate in a unique, in-depth and innovative way.

Their latest film, 9500 Liberty, documents the intense debate over immigration in Virginia’s Prince William County when it, in Park’s own words, “passed a local ordinance that was considered the harshest local ordinance cracking down on illegal immigration.”

Two very different gatherings happened within 24 hours last week in Las Vegas, each at high levels in their respective worlds, each involving Hispanics.

With little movement on Immigration reform among lawmakers, the debate is entering a new space: museums.

From New York to San Francisco, a network of museums will address tough questions on Immigration, including health care, borders and citizenship.

In the latest attempt to derail health care reform by blaming immigrants, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is up to the same old tricks – only this time, King wants to restrict access to the free market by individuals willing to pay for their own healthcare.

What set King off were two “Dear Colleague” letters circulating in the House of Representatives, where nearly two dozen Democrats made the case for allowing taxpaying, legal immigrants to access health care, and undocumented immigrants to purchase private health insurance in the “exchange” – with their own money, not taxpayer funds.

Every weeknight, CNN airs one full hour of Hate TV — it’s called, “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

For 260 hours every year, Dobbs has a bully pulpit from which to spew race-baiting, fear, and intolerance, stamped with the CNN seal of approval.

A network of faith-based groups that have advocated for immigrants is organizing to bring the issue back to the forefront as Washington prepares to address it early next year.

November 8, 2009, will mark the one-year anniversary of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcello Lucero’s brutal murder at the hand of seven high school teens in the infamously anti-immigrant Suffolk County, New York.

What we must do next is move more Latino children through college. (Only 16 percent of Latinos between age 25 and 29 have a college degree.) And that includes children of illegal immigrants.

Last week, rallies were held in several cities to urge Congress to embrace this goal.