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June 2009

Boy Scouts Try For Hispanic Recruitment With Hunt For Illegals

Earlier this year, we reported that, in light of changing demographics, the Boy Scouts of America is spending more and more marketing dollars to recruit Latino youth, understanding that Latinos:

[A]re projected to make up one quarter of the nation’s population by 2050.

And this week confirms that the organization is hoping to recruit more Hispanic members, even making the process easier by hiring bilingual recruiters and not requiring social security numbers or identification cards to join…

“The welcoming approach has resonated with immigrant parents”

The irony here is that a recent New York Times article reports that the same Boy Scouts of America is now training young scouts to hunt down and arrest “illegals”

Peldaño a Peldaño hacia la Reforma Migratoria

30/06/09 a 2:50pm por Maribel Hastings El 25 de junio los grupos pro inmigrantes escucharon lo que esperaban: una declaración inequívoca del presidente Barack Obama afirmando que la Casa Blanca está totalmente comprometida con promover una reforma migratoria integral comenzando este año pese a la falta de consenso en algunos puntos. La declaración de Obama … Continue reading »

Sotomayor-critic Krikorian Seeks to Hang Healthcare Debate on Immigrants

Think Progress’ Wonk Room blogger Andrea Nill found this clip of Mark Krikorian (of Keith Olbermann Worst Person in the World fame) trying to pin the problems with our healthcare system, including our “uninsured crisis” on immigrants. Big surprise there. Mark Krikorian is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a restrictionist “think tank” that plays prominently within the network of anti-immigrant organizations beholden to John Tanton, a man with clear ties to white nationalism.

NYT: A Way Forward on Immigration

“The meeting was more encouraging than that. It led to a persuasive show of unity among Republicans and Democrats. Both sides made the case for getting a comprehensive reform bill written and passed this year, or early next. Mr. Obama announced that the homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, would lead a working group of both parties and houses of Congress to do that.”

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